List of books for CUET preparation

by Carter Toni

Every year, thousands of aspirants appear in the most prestigious entrance examto get admission into different courses in 45 Central diversities. As students are going to appear for this exam for the 2023 session, they need to go for better preparation beforehand. The aspirants need to have a clear idea about the exam pattern, marking scheme and examination topics to crack their entrance exam. One of the best ways to get clarity over the examination topics is through CUET preparation books that increase the probability of cracking the final examination.

If you want to come into the merit list of the CUET exam, then you need to focus on rigorous practice. As the CUET exam has limited seats for different courses, the students have the pressure to clear the entrance test by studying hard and achieving a good rank. In this post, the list of books for cuet preparation is highlighted that can help out to prepare well for the final entrance test.

Why do you need to focus on CUET Preparation Books?

There are many benefits of referring to cuet preparation books that are pointed out below.

  • This book gives a detailed topic list that needs to be studied.
  • Students can get expert topics and syllabi from the expert authors of these books in the specific industry.
  • Students can get all the updated information in the preparation book, as these books are compiled after research.
  • Students can get easy access to sample papers, mock test series, access to all the topics, and others.
  • Students can practise their learned information through a few mock tests.
  • These preparation books are important for accessingthe learned study materials of students.
  • A student can explore knowledge independently while learning through the preparation books.
  • The tailor-made syllabus and topics are involved in the preparation book.
  • This preparation book also includes expert suggestions.

What is the exam pattern for CUET?

When students are preparing for the CUET entrance exam, it is crucial to have a great understanding of the CUET exam pattern. The candidate can analyse the previous year’s exam cycle to know the exam pattern. With this knowledge, the aspirants can clearly predict the CUET exam pattern 2023, including types of questions, exam duration, exam mode, total marks, and marking schemes. While going through the CUET exam pattern, the students can easily learn about the entrance test’s pattern and structure.

It has been predicted that the upcoming CUET 2023 exam pattern may involve objectives and MCQs. The total number of 15 questions will carry 175 marks. The topics will involve 50 Questions from languages (Section IA and IB), 50 Domain-specific questions (section II), and 75 General test questions (section III).

What is the marketing scheme for CUET?

The student has to appear in a total of 175 questions. Among these, if the student has given any wrong answer, then -0.25 marks will be deducted for incorrect answers. Similarly, a +1 mark will be given for the correct answer and 0 marks for unattempted questions.

What are the most important CUET Preparation Books?

As mentioned above, CUET 2023 exam pattern will involve three sections: General Test, Languages, and Domain-specific test. To appear for a well-prepared test, you must consider the following recommended preparation books.

  • Arihant’s General Knowledge book
  • RS Agarwal’sQuantitative Aptitude for Competitive Examination
  • Lucent’s Publication – Complete Mathematics
  • Raymond Murphy’s English Grammar in Use
  • Arihant Publication’s Analytical Reasoning and Logical Reasoning
  • Wren and martin’s High School English Grammar and Composition
  • Disha Expert’sRapid General Knowledge
  • Disha Expert’sShortcuts in Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Exams
  • Arihant PublicationsTest of Arithmetic
  • Arihant’sCompetitive English Grammar & Composition

Tips to boost your CUET preparation

The student needs to keep certain things in mind so that they can enhance their exam preparation for CUET 2023.

  • The students can practise more from the CUET 2023 preparation book so that they can easily get to know their strengths and weaknesses.
  • The students can focus on individual topics to get prepared.
  • The candidate can boost the preparation with sample papers and mock tests.
  • The students can also go for coaching with tricks and tips from experts so that they can enhance their preparation.
  • An aspirant learns to have complete dedication and learn the art of time management for CUET preparation.
  • You can boost your CUET preparation by practising previous years’ question papers.

The above-mentioned information about CUET preparation will be very helpful for students. You can refer to these lists of CUET preparation books and score high in the entrance exam. All the best for your CUET exam.

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