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Lori Vallow Daybell Wikipedia provides more information about her, including the latest news about her.

Are you familiar with Lori? What did Lori do and where did she live? Who is Lori’s husband and how many children does she have? You searched for Lori. She hails from the United States. What is her net worth? Did you find anything while searching? For more information, you can visit Lori Vallow Daybell Wiki.

Who is Lori Vallow?

Lori Vallow, born in San Bernardino on 26 June 1973. She is the daughter of Barry Cox and Janis Cox. Her real name is Lori Norene Cox. After graduation, Lori worked in several jobs. She is the sister of two brothers. It has been reported that Lori was assaulted by Alex when she was 17 years old. According to John Glatt, her brother Adam stated Lori had a different attitude prior to the murders.

Lori Vallow’s husband?

Lori Vallow was married five times according to Wikipedia. Her first spouse was Nelson Yanes. She was only 17 when she married Nelson. After a few weeks, they filed for divorce. Lori married William Lagioia on October 22, 95, in Travis County, Texas. Lori and Lagioia separated in February 1998 after three years. Joseph Anthony Ryan Jr. and Lori separated in August 2004 after dating for a while. They divorced on May 18, 2005. Below you’ll find a Twitter link.

As her fourth husband, Lori married Charles Vallow in February 2006. In July 2019, Alex Cox murdered Charles Vallow and claimed he was acting in self-defense. Lori Daybell married Chad Daybell five times in 2019. Sources claim that Chad and Lori have been imprisoned. They have been accused of the first-degree murders of Tammy, Tylee and J.J.

She has three children: two biological and one adopted. She has three children. Lori gave birth to a son in 1996. Tylee Ashlyn Ryan is the name of her daughter, who was born on September 24, 2002. After Lori’s fourth marriage, she adopted Joshua Jaxon J.J. Vallow.

She lived a luxurious lifestyle before being arrested. Lori’s profession brought in a decent amount of money before she was arrested.


Lori Norene Cox is her real name

Lori Norene Lagioia, Lori Norene Ryan, Lori Morene Vallow, Lori Ryan Vallow, Lori Vallow Daybell, and Lori Ryan Daybell are other names for her

  • Date of birth: June 26, 1973
  • Birthplace: San Bernardino, California
  • Graduate studies
  • 49 years old
  • Entrepreneurial career
  • 5’7″ tall
  • The weight of the animal is 58 kilograms

The marital status of the couple is married

  • Chad Daybell, husband of Chad Daybell
  • Relationships in the past:
  • Yanes, Nelson
  • Lagioia, William (1998)
  • Ryan, Joseph Anthony Jr., 2005)
  • Vallow, Leland Charles Antony (born 2006, died 2019).
  • Tylee Ashley Ryan (left), Joshua Jaxon Vallow (right) and Colby Ryan (left)
  • Cox, Barry, and Cox, Janis
  • (Died) Adam Cox, Alex Cox.
  • A net worth of $900,000

We will explain the salary in detail in this article.

She did not provide any online access to the information she provided on her and LinkedIn profiles.

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In conclusion

A source online indicates that Lori’s brother described Lori’s behavior differently before the murders in an interview. In John Glatt’s book, he reveals that Lori was assaulted by her brother Alex in 1990. Lori’s family members also provided details during her arrest. You can read the entire story about Lori online.

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