Lost Ark Game Guide: Players Want to Know More About Card System in Lost Ark

by Carter Toni

Most players are expecting to join in the adventure of Lost Ark. They are attracted by the unique settings and mechanic of Lost Ark. Although players need spend more time in studying the basic mechanic of the game, they are not bored with the new environment of Lost Ark. The Cards System is one of the unique mechanics of Lost Ark. Players are eager to know how to play well with this new system in Lost Ark. In addition, if your characters are lack of good weapons or gear, you can buy Cheap Lost Ark Gold to purchase them for your characters in order to complete different levels of quests.

Some players are going to learn more about the idea of cards in Lost Ark, and they will have a good experience on playing the game when they understand how to use cards. They will become the top players in the later journey of Lost Ark.

Players Can Look Through Books in Lost Ark

Players can open the card catalogue and press on the second tab. You can see that there are various books that offer permanent buffs for characters when they are gathered for completing quests. Especially, these cards can not have effect on players individually, when players are going to make a collection of cards for players, they will bring a large boost for characters in the battles against bosses.

Players can learn about these boosts at the bottom of the screen. You will find that each book can offer a collection bonus and provide another bonus if these cards are leveled up. In order to enhance the boost for players, you need to make the collection of cards correctly in the beginning of the battles.

Players Can Enhance and Awaken Card in Lost Ark

If players are going to enhance Cards, you need to spend card XP enhancement point and improve the stats of cards. You should remember that it is useless to level up a specific kind of cards. So, you need to pay attention to your desired boosts when you are going to level up cards. And the leveling of cards will cost several duplicate cards, you should not ignore to store more extra cards.

In order to obtain card XP, players need to delete cards or gather duplicate cards instead. You will obtain the card XP when the amount of cards are excess the limit. If you want to obtain the high level of cards, you need to keep patient and do everything you can do to collect more cards.

Players Can Equip Some Presets of Cards in Advance

When players have set the collection of cards, they will have a small bonus for characters in the battles. There are different kinds of combination for cards in the game. Players can make specific combination of card according to the situation of quests in order to obtain the effective boosts for characters. When you make the high level of combination of cards, you will obtain strong boost for characters.

Players can try to make some presets of card according to your different characters in Lost Ark. And when you are facing different kinds of bosses, you can change the class with the right combination of cards in order to obtain the best boost for characters in the battles. You can just press the button to change the right collection of cards to obtain the boost. It is good for you to set them in advance.

The cards system is a special characteristic of Lost Ark, if you can master this special skill in a short time, you will be the top players in the world of Lost Ark. If you are lack of good cards in the game, you can Buy Lost Ark Gold to collect more good cards for characters in order to make the special collection of cards in Lost Ark.

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