Maeng da Kratom Powder Vs. Capsule: Which One is Better?

by Carter Toni

The plant, native to Southeast Asia, is accepted all over the world. According to recent data shared by the Kratom Association of America, the number of kratom users in the state is as high as 15 Million. The graph continues to rise.

One of the most widely used strains of Kratom is maeng da kratom. It is known for various benefits, such as relief from pain, cognitive enhancing, boosting energy, reduction in sedation, sociability, etc. Moreover, My Kratom Club has a great variety to offer when it comes to the best kratom products online.

There are different ways to consume maeng da kratom. Two of the most popular of them are capsules and powder. The plant is currently legal. So you can easily buy maeng da kratom powder or tablets from online platforms or local stores. But before that, there are few things to know. Through this article, you will know about kratom powder, capsules, and their pros and cons.

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Maeng da Kratom Powder

The kratom powder is derived from the leaves of Mitragyna Speciosa. Initially, the farmers used to eat the raw leaves of Kratom to derive its benefit. However, now you can buy maeng da kratom powder.

The question here is why people shifted from chewing raw leaves to powder? There were two primary reasons behind this. They are:

It was challenging for merchants to import the raw leaves as it loses their freshness in transportation. So, they thought of grinding the dry leaves and making fine particles easy to store and transport. Directly chewing raw leaves does not provide a good experience. It was tough for most people. Although the taste of Kratom does not mask out in powder, it is comparatively better than chewing leaves.

Kratom powder soon became more popular than leaves. Since it has a greater self-life, people can store it and use it for a long time.

Pros of Kratom Powder

Most kratom users prefer to buy maeng da kratom powder because of the benefits it provides. Some of them are:

  • Kratom powder is good for beginners. In the initial days, it is recommended to consume Kratom at the smallest dose possible. Powder allows beginners to consume the smallest amount and then adjust their dosage according to their needs.
  • Maeng da kratom powder is economical because it is easier to manufacture and does not require extensive labor or machinery.
  • Kratom powder does not contain stems. They are made from crushing the dried leaves into very fine particles.
  • Maeng da kratom powder is available in almost all varieties of strain. You can purchase green maeng da kratom powder, red maeng da kratom powder, and white maeng da kratom powder.
  • You can boil kratom powder with water and strain the solution. It is convenient for most people, particularly for the ones fed up with consuming raw leaves.

These are the positive sides of the kratom powder. It also has some cons.

Cons of Kratom Powder

  • The taste of kratom powder is not pleasant for everyone. It has an acrid taste. So, some people find it uncomfortable to consume the powder.
  • Although you can prepare kratom tea to reduce the taste of Kratom partially, it requires time and effort to prepare.
  • It is challenging to know the precise measure of powder you are consuming. You need a weighing machine for that.

With increasing kratom users, people have come up with different methods to consume kratom powder, such as toss and wash method ( pour in a cup or spoon and drink), tea method ( preparing it with boiling water), yogurt method ( mix it with yogurt ), and protein shake method (combining it with a protein shake and consume).

When Kratom became popular, the majority of kratom users consumed powder. However, soon vendors found a more comfortable way to consume it. It was kratom capsules.



Maeng da Kratom Capsules

The introduction of capsules boosted the kratom market. Kratom capsules contain kratom powder. The ease of consumption and precise dosage were two of the primary reasons behind the popularity of kratom capsules. It offers various other benefits.

Pros of Maeng da Kratom Capsules

Here are some of the benefits offered by kratom capsules.

  • It is super easy to consume. You do not require a weighing machine and time to mix it with yogurt or protein shakes or boil it with water. All you need is kratom capsules and water. Take pills and drink a good amount of water. Capsules are handy, particularly for people busy with work.
  • It is easier to carry capsules. The powder has chances to spill and make your desk, bags, or drawers messy. These incidents do not happen with tablets.
  • You do not need to experience the acrid taste of Kratom. Capsules ensure a smooth intake of Kratom without getting its taste.
  • It is easy to know the precise dosages with capsules as it is mentioned on the packaging. It refrains the possibility of overdosing. It also coordinates well with people who are strict with dosage.

Although capsules look comparatively better than powder, it comes with various cons that are tough to ignore.

Cons of Maeng da Kratom Capsules

Here are some of the cons of capsules.’

  • It is costlier than powder because preparing capsules requires more effort and labor/machinery than manufacturing powder.
  • It is challenging to check the purity of pills. If you want to check, you have to damage it, which is not an option.
  • Unlike powder, it is available in a limited variety of strains. Various strains are not currently available in the form of capsules.

So, these are the cons of kratom capsules. If you are looking to purchase tablets, ensure that it is tested against allergens, pesticides, bacteria, and additives.

Capsule Vs. Powder: Comparison Table

Here is a table that sums the differences between the two widely known forms of maeng da kratom, capsules, and powder.

Capsules Powder
Taste No acrid or bitter taste Bitter taste
Price Costlier than powder Economical
Way of Consumption Limited, directly consume with water Various ways of consumption
Variety Available in limited varieties Available in a wide range of strains


Both of them contain the benefits of Kratom but differ in features. Each has some pros and cons. Which one will be better for you will depend on your requirements and choices. If you are a working person, too busy to prepare kratom powder tea, go for capsules. However, if you want an economical price, look for kratom powder.

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