Steps to be Successful in Your Kratom Business Online

by Carter Toni

The annual revenue of the kratom business in 2016 was nearly 1 Billion $. The number of vendors selling it to the masses was approximately 10,000. The increasing demand for kratom is a not-to-miss opportunity for sellers, particularly entrepreneurs.

Kratom is usually sold as a dietary supplement in the US, though the FDA does not give it such recognition. Some people fear a ban on kratom but, according to a report published by John Hopkins University, FDA does not have intentions to ban kratom. It only wants control over it. Despite the attempts of the government to schedule or ban kratom, it is winning hearts all over the US.

With an increase in consumers and vendors, the future of kratom looks promising. So, you can also sell your products, such as kratom caps on discounts online. Through this article, you will learn some tricks for a successful online business.

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Steps Towards a Successful Kratom Business

The idea of beginning a kratom business is tempting until you start one. You have to develop creative ideas to overcome the hurdles, deal with growing competition, make a space for your brand, and make your business successful.

Although it depends on your hard work and efforts, here are some tricks that might guide you in it.

1. Create and Optimize Your Website

Since it is an online business, a website is a must. There are almost 36% of small businesses with no website. It is a big mistake. A website promotes your business 24/7, creates a positive impression, and builds credibility among your consumers.

However, making a website is not enough to grow your business. The majority of business owners open a site, list their products, and wait for traffic. The online business does not work like this. Your website requires continuous maintenance and offers a pleasant experience to visitors. Some tips to ensure a good user experience are:

  • Work on the load speed of your site. Make it nearly 2 seconds faster than 75% of online
  • Make a mobile-friendly website.
  • Make sure consumers can navigate the various options present on the site comfortably.
  • Your messages should be simple. For example, if you are selling kratom caps at a discount, keep the discount criteria simple and give every detail on the site.
  • Work on the images of products on the site.

2. Invest in Search Engine Optimization

The digital world rules the present era and SEO rules the digital world. There are almost 30 Million sites ( only from the US) selling kratom products. In this competition, a site without SEO will get lost.

Most of the consumers visit your site through searching on web browsers. If they like your offers, products, and content on the site, they will probably purchase products and become frequent visitors. But since competition is tough, maintaining a good search engine ranking is the only way out.

If you are not aware of search engine ranking, it is how google arranges the position of a site. For example, if you search kratom caps on discount, some links are on top while others are not on the first page. You aim to create a website that coordinates well with google. In simple words, to come in the top links when someone searches anything related to kratom.

  • You can fulfill your goal only through SEO. Here are some of the techniques to improve your SEO ranking.
  • The use of efficient keywords is a must.
  • Include images, videos, and infographics wherever possible.
  • Create high-quality backlinks
  • The content on the site should be relevant. Try to update it frequently.
  • Focus on long content.

Also, there are SEO tools that can help you grow organic traffic. You might also appoint an SEO expert. However, focus more on an optimized site for users and not only for search engines.


3. Social Media Marketing

Almost 70% of the US population is present on the internet or social media. So, it is one of the best ways to meet and interact with your target customers. Unfortunately, some reputed social media platforms and the DEA do not allow the promotion of the kratom business because of its legal status( it is still in a grey area).

However, your innovative mind can find a way to promote the business without violating any rules. For example, instead of putting out health claims, make your consumers aware of kratom. After that, leave it on your consumers. They will share, like, and comment on your posts, promoting your business.

4. Influencer Marketing

If your page fails to attract good traffic, take advantage of influencers. If you are not aware of influencers, they are people with an enormous following on social media sites.

Nowadays, influencer marketing works better than promoting a product on television through a big celebrity. Since most people are on social media sites and influencers, they have a huge following, promoting business that works like fire.

You can either pay them for the promotion of your products or provide them for free in exchange for a promotion video. There are different ways an influencer promotes your business. They can either make a story or put an entire post on their page. It depends on your deal with the influencer.

5. Email Marketing

If the regulation is creating a hurdle in promoting your business on social media sites, email marketing will do the job. It will help you reach your consumers and interact with them.

Here are some of the tips for email marketing.

  • Create customized messages for distinct audience segments.
  • Run an optimized email campaign to catch their eyes.
  • You can make an extensive list of emails by offering subscription discounts.
  • Send periodic newsletters, relevant promotions, articles, and offers available on your site.

Email marketing is a great way to attract traffic to your site organically.

Once you apply all these techniques, extensively analyze the results. It will help you to know which method is working better than others. So, you can invest more money and time over there.


While you focus on these techniques, remember customer satisfaction is your priority. For that, your site should offer quality products. Also, keep a focus on your customer service. So, if any of your customers are facing a challenge, they can immediately get a solution. Do not forget to provide a feedback option that will let you know the requirements of your consumers.

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