Maltese Dog Facts And Information

by Carter Toni

Maltese Dog Facts And Information

Domestic dogs are part of the Canis familiaris species. The vast majority are not informed that all types of dog breeds come from extinct wolf species. Even though they can vary in looks, size, and personality. Some of them are fit to live alone in the wild, far from the comfort of the indoors. Most of them are family pets, taken care by people who adopt them and take it upon themselves to be a loving pet owner. For the history of Maltese dogs check

More than 9 000 years ago, there was the need to produce dogs that can survive horrendous climate conditions and work through those times, so selective rearing was put in place. Nowadays, people mix different animals to create more beneficial characteristics of a superior-looking and acting pet. The breeding makes them more charming for humans, and they are even used in various official settings.

Individuals don’t depend on them however much they did previously. Still, they rely on them for various things like friendship, home guarding, companionship, protection, and others. They assist the police because they have a highly developed feeling of smell. They search for missing people, narcotics, and even deadly explosives. Others assist with helping visually impaired people, those who have anxiety attacks, and even have the need to confront their aggressors in the courtroom.

Dogs have various sorts of breeds. Maybe you aren’t aware, but more than 200 sorts of canines exist on Earth currently. They are different sizes, colors, levels of energy, amicability, prepping prerequisites, personalities, functions they can do, and others. There are hypoallergenic, bald, large, small, and canines that offer emotional help.

Maltese dog’s overall attributes 

The Maltese used to come in many different colors but now it’s almost always white. They were known by many different names like the comforter, the bichon, and others. Now we know them by the name Maltese. Their breed is small, and they are known for being hypoallergenic dogs, meaning their fur or coat doesn’t give people allergies. They shed very little because they don’t have an undercoat, making them anattractive choice for a pet. For more click here.

Character attributes of Maltese dogs 

They have aristocratic and gracious attributes. They are a very elegant dog breed, sweet, and very intelligent. They love their owners and are very devoted to them. Of course, no breed is perfect, they are known for being intolerant of other canines, and they don’t seem to enjoy the company of small children. If they are overly spoiled, they can be very protective, jealous, and loud when their human gives attention to others, not to them.

Not all of them are like that, of course. But they require proper socialization and some basic training so they can become a functioning part of your home. They are very small, and they can be injured easily, so you should consider how your family will adapt them into their routine. They are not recommended for households with toddlers and small children. They weigh three to four kilograms meaning they are very petite, but they compensate by their fearless personality.

This type of canine doesn’t require much exercise, but they are very playful. Perfectly suited for the indoors, even small apartments. But they are also known for needing a lot of attention, and they get upset if they are separated from their human for longer periods of time.


Maltese health 

Being a pet owner is not easy.Your greatest worry is the well-being and suitable living of your dog. They need constant care that only you can provide. This type of canine is known to live anywhere from 12 to 14 years. You as a pet owner want those years experienced fully and with good health. Some preventive measurements and research should be done on your part. They are generally a healthy breed, but they can be prone to certain medical conditions.

If you are looking to buy a puppy, research on Holistapet about necessary information before buying it.You also need to find a good breeder so you can investigate the possible health issues. You can consult your veterinarian for more information regarding this topic. They can offer you guidance and a possible plan of action. This way, you can know what to expect and how you can handle it before it becomes a serious medical issue.

Possible medical illness

There are several things you should be checking when taking care of your canine. They can experience white dog shaker syndrome. They affect white dogs, and the symptoms are shaking of the body and quick eye movements. You should most definitely consult your vet to discuss future treatments. They can suffer from reverse sneezing, which is not a serious issue. This happens because they get overly excited or try to eat and drink fast. You can help them by relaxing them and stroking their throat until they are calm.

Another medical issue that can happen to them is a lack of blood sugar, which will make them experience weakness. Proper diet and additional medicine are required. Annual eye checkups are necessary because eye disorders are common.

Appropriate routine and eating regime for your Maltese 

Regular walks and outside activities will be beneficial for both of you. They are known to be playful even when they get older. 20 minutes of daily exercise will prolong both of your lives. Regular checkups and consulting with your veterinarian are required. As for their diet, good quality dry food put into two meals a day is recommended. They can be picky eaters since they are very small, so is their digestive system. Every dog is different, so your routine will be developed depending on them.

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