Mamta Banerjee Attacks on PM Narender Modi

by Glenn Maxwell

Alleging that Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee “has no value to the prime minister’s couch”, state BJP chief Dilip Ghosh on Sunday professed she skipped an evaluation reaching on cyclone devastation for “political reasons”, in spite of the fact that people are reeling below turmoil.

Alleging that Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee “has no regard to the prime minister’s office chair”, condition BJP chief Dilip Ghosh on Saturday professed that she skipped an overview reaching on cyclone devastation for “political good reasons”, notwithstanding the reality that everyone is reeling less than situation.

Ghosh, although conversing with reporters in Kharagpur, said that the CM has violated constitutional norms, and “everybody, by now, understands the kind of words and language she uses of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Residence Minister Amit Shah”.

“She actually is involving in national politics even as the people of express are reeling beneath crisis due to the cyclone along with the COVID-19 pandemic.

We all know how she came into the reaching place, the location where the PM was existing, how she talked, and after that kept with all the chief assistant,” the BJP leader stated.

Reacting to Ghosh’s remarks, elderly TMC MLA Tapas Roy stated, “There is very little point in attempting to counter the charges produced by Ghosh, who now has little relevance in their get together.

“Even so, because he has manufactured certain observations, let me say that it is the BJP that is certainly politicising the cyclone devastation and COVID circumstance,” he was quoted saying.

Echoing him, TMC spokesman Kunal Ghosh said the BJP, soon after its drubbing in construction elections, is researching ways to discredit the Mamata Banerjee authorities.

Asserting that the BJP-guided Heart was chasing “vendetta nation-wide politics”, the CM on Sunday said Modi and Shah had been trying to generate problems for her govt at every move as they have been nevertheless to visit conditions with BJP’s defeat from the set up polls.

She also wanted to know why opposition BJP leaders have been welcomed to her assessment meeting together with the PM on cyclone devastation, further stating she felt insulted with the gesture

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