Maze Runner 2D: Old School Labyrinth Offline Game

by James Martin

Remember those days when the internet didn’t exist? When we didn’t know what a browser was, tabs, nor did the combination control, alt, dilith tell us anything? If you remember that, then you haven’t forgotten that back then kids had fun and learned in a very different way.
And yet from the former kiddies drawing with a pencil the path of the mouse in the maze /on the most ordinary paper/, came great economists, scientists, businessmen, teachers – all decent people with remarkable mental capacity.
The old school offline game Maze Runner takes us right back there – to that wonderful time, to immerse us in the world of childhood, to fill us with incredible emotions and revive a bunch of fond memories!
The game is structured to offer a variety of options with different difficulty levels to help children progress imperceptibly and effortlessly to get better and better.
And to make the fun complete, enemies are also provided in some of the levels! Because these are no ordinary mazes, but real “action games” that little naughty ones love so much.
At the centre of the fun is the task of freeing the cute squirrel who needs help. But for this to happen, the children must find the key and the exit. Of course, every heroism is rewarded – collect 3 stars and move on to the next level!

Maze Runner 2D: Old School Labyrinth Offline Game Develops Priceless Skills
Skill to create a plan
Every maze is first and foremost a plan. Therefore, the child learns to work according to a plan – a skill that is crucial for his successful further development.

Expanding the field of vision
Going through the maze requires an expansion of the field of vision, i.e. children learn to see not only part of the maze but the whole picture. This is of great importance in the formation of reading skills.

It trains attention
When solving the maze, the child trains his attention, as he has to “hold in his head” several possible solution options at the same time and choose the right one from all possible ones.

Skills to overcome obstacles
From a psychological point of view, when playing with the maze, the child gains experience and develops the skills to overcome obstacles in the pursuit of the goal – something that has a positive impact on the formation of a desire to succeed and strive for progress.

Maze Runner 2D: Old School Labyrinth Offline Game – Why is it worth having?
Maze Runner 2D: Old School Labyrinth Offline Game is sure to please your child very much. Apart from the wonderful emotions, the imperceptible learning and mastering of valuable skills, it brings something else, no less important – moral satisfaction from a good deed done.

Because saving the squirrel in distress is a real feat.
And we know that every child dreams of being a hero. Give him this opportunity and he will be the happiest in the world!


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