McDonalds 66th Anniversary Carnival Celebration & Details about!

by Glenn Maxwell

Would you like to learn more concerning the McDonalds Circus Celebration scam. Swipe up to find out more and find out the way it got around people.

Have you considered the McDonald’s scam? The facts below can help you find out more.

We are able to observe that scams really are a common occurrence within the Philippines. The scammers attempted to spread the fake messages via social networking, after which shared all of them with others through messages.

McDonalds’ 66th Anniversary Circus Celebration scam claimed that users can obtain the gifts they really want in the link. Regrettably, this scam continues to be uncovered to a lot of people. We’ll continue our analysis to find out more.

Do you know the latest news?

The McDonald’s scam may be the latest news. These fraudsters made posts on social networking and sent messages encouraging users to click the attached link. McDonald’s is giving some gifts in recognition of their 66th birthday.

Clicking the hyperlink can get you a $700 gift coupon. McDonalds 66th Anniversary Promomessage – This message was sent mostly via Facebook and lots of users were caught inside it. Users who visited the hyperlink didn’t get diverted to McDonald’s. These were forwarded to another website.

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The hyperlinks towards the messages will expire 2022. They are scam websites that users should stay obvious of. The scam messages are made to get users to transmit or share links via WhatsApp along with other social systems.

  • Information regarding McDonalds 66th Anniversary Circus Celebration.
  • The messages are delivered to you via messages or on their own Facebook page.
  • The messages encourage users to follow the link.
  • It offers to deliver gifts worth roughly $700 to users. However, they have to first send it with other users.
  • These messages are most likely scam messages. Users have to be aware there are many scams.
  • It doesn’t redirect to McDonald’s’ official site.
  • We discover that McDonald’s anniversary has ended whenever we consider the news.

Views of McDonald’s customers on McDonalds 66th Anniversary Promo message:

Users are experiencing marketing messages via various social networking channels, based on our research. The tricksters are posting them on social networking capture people. But we realize that users should know the messages to allow them to do not be caught.

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The conclusion:

So, it’s obvious that McDonald’s has not been anniversary which the messagesare false. Therefore, users are advised to not click the links.

Also, keep current with news and steer clear of McDonalds66th anniversary Circus Celebration fraud. It is because your private data could be compromised whenever you click these hyperlinks.

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