Where are the Sensors in Tennis?

by Glenn Maxwell

A tennis sensor is really a device that measures the rate, spin, and shot position of the ball. Players may use the very best tennis sensors to enhance their game by focusing on how different characteristics affect their trajectory.

In tennis, sensors are utilized to measure a player’s performance. These sensors help to look for the precision of the shot and just how much pressure was applied. Which means that if you are taking a champion, it’s better to invest your strength in to the swing.

A tennis sensor is really a device that may be connected to the internet, or placed on the floor, which will highlight how solid a tennis ball continues to be hit. This post is then displayed within an application for the phone.

These sensors are ideal for ensuring you’re playing in the right level – too easy, and it is less fun too tricky, also it becomes frustrating. The sensors make certain you do not get tired of your game.

Where would be the Sensors

Use a sensor in various places from the racket. This is actually the complete guide on how and where you should use these sensors.

Fundamental essentials places where sensors are often located:

  • Bottom from the racket
  • Within the handle
  • Inside a damper
  • Wearable

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1- Sensors towards the bottom from the racket:

Tennis sensors have been in existence for some time now, but they’re still only progressively gaining popularity. One type of sensor which was common may be the The new sony Smart Tennis Sensor which inserts on your racket and enables you to definitely hook it up wirelessly via Bluetooth. Data could be collected from games performed on several surfaces in addition to performed shots.

2- Sensors within the handle:

The Babolat Play sensor embedded tennis racket may be the first available in the future into fruition, with two companies designing and producing rackets incorporating sensors. The main difference between Pure Drive Lite (an easy version) and Pure Aero models lie inside their design instead of different types or weight.

Both of them come with an advanced acceleration system that utilizes three components:

accelerometer/gyroscope for discovering how quickly you’re swinging

humidity-sensing nick for calculating air density at a specific temperature

altitude changes all year round

3- Sensors inside a damper:

A brand new tennis sensor continues to be developed that’s not only a dampener. Qlipps sensors could be mounted on your racket and can measure just how much vibration there’s on every string, in addition to which areas require extra attention when playing or training simply because they may require the help of you.

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4- Wearable Sensor:

For athletes who choose to swap rackets frequently out on another want the irritation of moving sensors in one racket to a different, they might consider putting on an exterior sensor. The information ought to be consistent if worn in the same manner, with any other bits removed or else configured for minimalism.


As you can tell, there are a number of sensors that may be utilized in tennis to determine different factors from the game. If you were thinking about using any new sensor technology for your forthcoming match or work out, consider whether a few of these may go and more before investing. Contact we today for more information about how exactly we can sort out this method and answer all of your questions about why is a appropriate sensor for the sport.

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