Metaverse Application Development

by Carter Toni

Metaverse applications allow you to perform a virtual 3D fitting of clothes, remotely inspect houses for sale, play realistic games with VR or AR, etc. Do you need something like that in your business? Metaverse application development by Definme is a way to bring the virtual experience of your clients extremely close to the real one.

What Is the Definition of Metaverse?

The metaverse is a virtual world in which elements of the real world can be recreated: personalities (in the form of avatars), objects, nature, payments, etc. In them, users can work, rest, play, and interact with objects or other characters. Metaverse contains VR, AR, artificial intelligence, 3D reconstruction, and other technologies.

In Which Industries Can Metaverse Applications Be Used?

Definme develops products in these and other industries:

  1. Games. AR and VR technologies provide the effect of presence and take the gaming industry to a new level. Currently, the concept of play-to-earn is becoming popular. In such games, players will be able to buy virtual property, which becomes their NFT, and then sell it for real currency.
  2. Real estate. Applications allow you to create virtual “copies” of houses or real estate objects. A potential buyer can view the object in 3D without being physically present in the building for sale.
  3. Fashion. One of the possibilities is the creation of digital clothing collections. Buyers can try virtual clothes on their bodies.
  4. Marketing. Applications facilitate interaction with clients and bring companies closer to their customers.
  5. Education. Everything is possible: VR tours and trips, conducting experiments that are not possible in the classroom, recreating elements from different historical eras, etc.

Such applications can solve problems in almost any field of business. This is the next step in application development, which will soon be considered basic.

Definme: Creating Metaverses for Business

The market of metaverse applications is currently not overcrowded, although all the tools to create incredible products are already available. A business that applies them now will gain a serious competitive advantage. Definme offers its assistance in the creation of metaverse applications. Get started now to be a leader.

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