Michael B. Jordan’s Car Accident: What’s the Latest on His Condition?

by Moore Martin

Michael B. Jordan's Car Accident

In recent news, Michael B. Jordan, the renowned American actor and director, found himself in the spotlight due to a car accident that occurred in Los Angeles. This incident has prompted investigations by the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) to uncover the circumstances surrounding the accident.

The Incident

Michael B. Jordan’s recent car accident involved his blue Ferrari colliding with a parked car. Reports suggest that this incident occurred while he was allegedly racing another Ferrari, and it quickly gained widespread attention after a video of the crash went viral on social media.

Investigation Underway

The LAPD is actively investigating this incident, focusing on potential negligence by the driver involved. TMZ has reported that they are working to confirm whether Michael B. Jordan was indeed the driver of the racing Ferrari. If the investigation uncovers evidence of criminal wrongdoing, it might lead to possible charges.

Previous Incident

Interestingly, this is not the first car-related incident that Michael B. Jordan has been involved in recently. In the same month, he was part of another traffic collision where his Ferrari collided with a parked Kia. The LAPD classified this incident as a “traffic collision of a vehicle into a parked car,” and no signs of foul play or driving under the influence (DUI) were found. Both parties exchanged information, and no arrests were made.

Eyewitness Account

Tenshi Angel, the driver of the red vehicle seen in the video of the recent accident, provided some insight into the moments leading up to the collision. Angel described the encounter as casual, mentioning that they were not “going fast at all.” He clarified that the cars weren’t directly side by side when the accident occurred, stating that they were simply “vibing out” before the unfortunate collision.

Who is Michael B. Jordan?

Before delving further into the incident, let’s get to know Michael B. Jordan a bit better. He is a highly acclaimed American actor and director, known for his remarkable performances in movies such as “Fruitvale Station,” “Creed,” and “Black Panther.” His career took off with TV shows like “The Wire” and “Friday Night Lights,” and he has also appeared in series like “All My Children.” Michael B. Jordan’s influence in the entertainment industry earned him a spot on Time magazine’s list of most influential people, and in 2020, he was named People’s Sexiest Man Alive. Interestingly, he is also a part-owner of the English Premier League club AFC Bournemouth.

Name Michael Bakari Jordan
Date of Birth February 9, 1987 (age 36)
Place of Birth Santa Ana, California, U.S.
Occupations Actor, Producer
Years Active 1998–present

Michael B. Jordan’s Age

Born on February 9, 1987, in Santa Ana, California, Michael B. Jordan is presently 36 years old. Throughout his career, he has gained recognition for his dedication to roles and versatility on screen, showcasing his talent in various genres and projects.

Michael B. Jordan’s Career

Michael B. Jordan’s journey in the entertainment world began as a child model, which eventually led to his entrance into acting. He made early appearances in TV shows like “Cosby” and “The Sopranos,” with a pivotal role in HBO’s “The Wire.” His breakthrough came with roles in “Friday Night Lights” and “Parenthood” on NBC. However, he truly skyrocketed to fame with his portrayal in “Fruitvale Station” in 2013, earning critical acclaim.

Despite a setback in the poorly received “Fantastic Four,” he made a triumphant return with “Creed,” where he showcased his commitment to roles through intensive physical training for the boxing film. His career continued to flourish with roles in “Black Panther,” “Creed II,” and “Just Mercy.” Michael B. Jordan expanded his portfolio by lending his voice to characters in video games and even ventured into production, making his directorial debut with “Creed III.” His future projects include collaborations with director Ryan Coogler, involvement in new films, and the development of TV series.


In conclusion, Michael B. Jordan’s recent car accident has garnered attention, leading to an ongoing investigation by the LAPD. While details are still emerging, it’s clear that this incident has not deterred the actor’s flourishing career. With a diverse range of projects and his unwavering dedication to his craft, Michael B. Jordan continues to be a prominent figure in the entertainment industry.


1. What happened in Michael B. Jordan’s recent car accident?

Michael B. Jordan’s blue Ferrari was involved in a collision while reportedly racing another Ferrari in Los Angeles. A video of the incident went viral, showing his car colliding with a parked vehicle.

2. Was Michael B. Jordan driving during the car accidents?

Investigations by the LAPD are underway to confirm the driver of the racing Ferrari involved in the crash. Reports suggest they are seeking to determine if Jordan was behind the wheel during the incident.

3. Were there any injuries reported in Michael B. Jordan’s car accidents?

There were no reports of injuries following both car accidents involving Michael B. Jordan. The collisions primarily involved damage to the vehicles and property.

4. Did Michael B. Jordan face legal consequences following the car accidents?

There have been no reports of legal repercussions or arrests related to the car accidents involving Michael B. Jordan.

5. Has Michael B. Jordan publicly addressed the car accidents?

Michael B. Jordan has not made any public statements or comments regarding the car accidents in Los Angeles involving his Ferrari.

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