MTV Hustle 3.0 Contestants, Judges, and More: The MTV Hustle 3.0 Buzz!

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MTV Hustle 3.0 Contestants

In the vibrant world of Indian hip-hop and rap music, MTV Hustle 3.0 has emerged as the ultimate battleground for aspiring artists. With a stellar panel of judges and a diverse lineup of contestants, this season promises to be a thrilling showcase of talent and creativity. Let’s delve into the world of MTV Hustle 3.0, where rap takes center stage.

MTV Hustle: A Musical Journey

MTV Hustle is a television show that celebrates the essence of rap and hip-hop in India. It provides a platform for talented individuals who aspire to become the country’s next hip-hop sensation. The show airs on MTV India, captivating audiences with its dynamic performances and fierce competition.

Season 1 – The Inaugural Spectacle

The journey of MTV Hustle began on August 10, 2019, with its first season. The judging panel featured prominent names in the industry, including Raftaar, Nucleya, and Raja Kumari. Gaelyn Mendonca took on the role of the host, guiding contestants through their rap odyssey.

Season 2 – New Beginnings

Season 2 of MTV Hustle commenced on September 3, 2022, with Krissann Barretto as the host and the multifaceted Badshah as one of the judges. This season introduced a unique concept of squad bosses, featuring EPR, Dino James, Dee MC, and King Rocco, who added an extra layer of mentoring and competition.

Season 3 – The Current Rap Showdown

The third season of MTV Hustle kicked off on October 21, 2023, promising even more talent, intensity, and creativity. With new faces and familiar favorites, this season is set to redefine the standards of Indian hip-hop.

MTV Hustle 3.0 Contestants: Rising Stars

The heart of MTV Hustle lies in its contestants, the budding rap artists who are here to prove their mettle. Here’s a glimpse of some of the standout participants of MTV Hustle 3.0:

Shen B: The Rising Star

Shen B, also known as Shayaan Bhat, hails from Jammu and gained recognition in 2019 with his song “Chal Beta.” His versatility in creating music in Hindi, Urdu, and English sets him apart. In 2021, he claimed the CLEF MUSIC AWARDS, and his captivating performance on the show’s premiere left a lasting impression.

Burrah: The Fusion Maestro

Jasdeep Singh, popularly known as Burrah, is a singer celebrated for his blend of Punjabi language in hip-hop. His tracks, “No Love” and “About Time,” have resonated with fans, solidifying his place in the industry.

Kayden Sharma: The Local Virtuoso

Kayden Sharma, a talent from Hyderabad, adds a unique local flavor to his performances. His ability to infuse regional elements into his artistry caught the attention of Dino, who commended him, saying, “The government of Hyderabad should make this an official tourism song.”

Badal: The Haryanvi Torchbearer

Badal, also known as ‘Safido Ka Chora,’ represents Safido and aspires to promote Haryanvi culture globally. EPR, one of the squad bosses, expressed his confidence in Badal, declaring, “I already see a winner in you.”

Mrunal Shankar: Breaking Stereotypes

Mrunal Shankar, or Mrunal S. Dhole, is a dynamic rapper who seamlessly blends traditional and modern elements in her songs. Her rendition of “Albela Sajan” with rap during her first performance challenged stereotypes about women in the industry.

Vijay Dada: The Indigenous Sensation

Vijay Dada, from the ‘Chaar Teen’ area in Mumbai, brings a deep connection to his local culture in his performances. Praised by Badshah, he represents the authenticity of indigenous hip-hop.

Gaush: The Multifaceted Artist

Hailing from Navi Mumbai, Gaush is a rapper and singer with a diverse musical repertoire. He explores various music styles, showcasing his prowess in chopper, lo-fi, RnB, storytelling, trap, and drill. His songwriting skills received accolades from Badshah.

Poet Shaf: The Freestyle Maverick

Poet Shaf, hailing from Prayagraj, is a rapper passionate about his craft. Notably, his freestyle rap performances have drawn comparisons to Adnan Sami, adding a unique dimension to his journey.

Bob-B Randhawa: The Folk Rapper

Bob-B Randhawa, known for his unique folk-rap style, has deep roots in Punjabi music. His tracks like “Mirza Bolda” and “Never Come Again” have made him an independent artist to watch.

Rap-ID: The Himachal Pride

Rap-ID, also known as Mayank Rawat and Bawal Pahadi, proudly represents Himachal Pradesh through his music. He aspires to showcase his state and culture on a global platform, promoting Himachal Pradesh through his lyrics.

Shady Mellow: The Rising Wordsmith

Shady Mellow brings a fresh perspective to the world of rap. His dedication and exceptional songwriting skills set him apart as he pursues his one shot at success.

Uday Pandhi: The Emerging Star

Uday Pandhi, an 18-year-old rapper from Delhi, is on a journey of self-discovery in the music world. His participation in MTV Hustle 3.0 is the stepping stone to his musical career.

100 RBH: The Marathi Maverick

Saurabh Abhyankar, known as 100 RBH, draws inspiration from revolutionary and peace-promoting music. His Marathi lyrics and impactful rap lyrics are a testament to his artistry.

Vish: The Fusion Artiste

Vishal Phehal, or Vish, seamlessly blends Haryanvi and Punjabi influences in his music. Hailing from Gangtok, Sikkim, Vish is known for his locally inspired lyrics.

Bassick: The Bundelkhandi Trailblazer

Bassick, also known as Shlok, brings a unique style of Bundelkhandi music to the forefront. His lyrical abilities have earned him recognition as a dark horse in the competition.

Prince – The Artist Singh: The Collaborative Visionary

Prince – The Artist Singh is a versatile musician, excelling as a singer, songwriter, and rapper. His collaborations with renowned artists have made him a notable figure in the industry.

MTV Hustle 3.0 Judges: The Verdict Makers

A show of this caliber deserves a distinguished panel of judges, and MTV Hustle 3.0 doesn’t disappoint. Led by the renowned rapper Badshah, the judging panel also includes four squad bosses:

Show Name MTV Hustle 03 Represent
Channel MTV India
Release Date 21 October 2023
Time Slot 7:00 PM (Sat & Sun)
Host Wicked Sunny

Super Manikk

Winner To be announced (TBA)

Each judge and squad boss brings a unique perspective and experience to the table, making the competition even more exhilarating.

MTV Hustle 3.0: Where to Watch

MTV Hustle 3.0 can be enjoyed every Saturday and Sunday at 7 PM on MTV India. You can also catch the excitement on Jio Cinema, ensuring you never miss a beat of this enthralling competition.

MTV Hustle 3.0 Contestants – FAQs

1. What is MTV Hustle 3.0?

MTV Hustle 3.0 is an Indian rap and hip-hop reality show where aspiring rappers compete to become India’s next hip-hop star.

2. Who are the judges of MTV Hustle 3.0?

The judges for this season are Rapper Badshah and squad bosses Dee MC (Deepa Unnikrishnan), Ikka (Ankit Singh Patyal), E.P.R. (Santhanam Srinivasan Iyer), and Dino James.

3. When did MTV Hustle 3.0 premiere?

MTV Hustle 3.0 premiered on October 21, 2023.

4. Who are the hosts of MTV Hustle 3.0?

The hosts for this season are Wicked Sunny (Vikalp Dwivedi) and Super Manikk.

5. What is the format of the show?

Contestants are divided into teams led by squad bosses. They compete in various rap challenges, with the goal of becoming the ultimate hip-hop star.

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