Ngoma Awards 2023: A Celebration of Zambian Artistry!

by Moore Martin

Ngoma Awards 2023

In the vibrant and culturally rich nation of Zambia, art takes center stage with the Ngoma Awards 2023. This annual event is a testament to the artistic talent that thrives in this beautiful country. From music to visual arts, media arts to creative writing, and more, the Ngoma Awards recognize and celebrate outstanding achievements in various artistic fields. In this article, we’ll delve into the details of Ngoma Awards 2023, including where it was held, its significance, and the rich history behind it.

A Glimpse into Ngoma Awards 2023

Nominations and Submission

The Ngoma Awards 2023 provided an exciting opportunity for Zambian artists to showcase their talents and vie for recognition. Artists interested in participating simply had to dial *335# on Zamtel mobile phones, select a category that resonated with their work, enter their name, and confirm their submission. Each entry came with a minimal cost of five Zambian kwacha. It’s important to note that the works eligible for submission needed to have been publicly displayed or performed.

The Timeline

The awards had a well-structured timeline, with nominations closing on November 1st. Following this, the announcement of the nominees took place on November 17th. The real excitement began with the voting period, which lasted from November 17th to December 7th. Finally, the much-awaited awards ceremony unfolded on December 9th in the lively city of Lusaka.

Recognizing Diverse Artistic Contributions

Ngoma Awards 2023 covered a wide array of categories, including music, visual arts, media arts, creative writing, theatre, community theatre, comedy, and fashion. This diverse range aimed to recognize outstanding contributions from artists across the nation, highlighting the eclectic mix of artistic talent that Zambia proudly boasts.

Where Was Ngoma Awards 2023 Held?

The Chosen Location: Lusaka

The heart of Zambia, Lusaka, was the selected location for the Ngoma Awards 2023 ceremony. On December 9th, this vibrant city played host to an event that brought together artists, enthusiasts, and art connoisseurs to celebrate the best in Zambian artistry.

Hosted by the National Arts Council of Zambia

The Ngoma Awards ceremony was made possible by the diligent efforts of the National Arts Council of Zambia. This organization’s mission is to provide a platform for artists to showcase their talents and to celebrate outstanding achievements in various artistic categories. The event served as a testament to the council’s dedication to fostering a thriving artistic community within Zambia.

What Exactly Are the Ngoma Awards?

The Ngoma Awards are an annual event that holds a special place in Zambia’s cultural calendar. They serve as a stage to honor and celebrate the exceptional talents that contribute to the nation’s vibrant arts and culture scene. These awards encompass a wide range of categories, including Best Musician, Best Dancer, Most Outstanding Visual Artist, and many more. Through these honors, the Ngoma Awards play a vital role in nurturing and promoting the diverse artistic talents present in Zambia.

A Brief History of Ngoma Awards

The Foundation

The roots of Ngoma Awards can be traced back to the National Arts Council of Zambia’s mandate under the National Arts Council Act 31 of 1994. This act empowered the council to regulate and bestow national honors for artistic merit. After a hiatus of six years, the Ngoma Awards were reintroduced in 2019, becoming Zambia’s official national artistic honors.

Celebrating Artistic Excellence

These awards cover a spectrum of artistic disciplines, including creative writing, stage theatre, community theatre, music, traditional music and dance, visual arts, and media arts. The guidelines and procedures for Ngoma Awards are meticulously provided by the National Arts Council of Zambia. Through these awards, Zambia acknowledges and celebrates the remarkable achievements and contributions of its artists, fostering a vibrant cultural environment within the nation.

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Ngoma Awards 2023-FAQs

  1. Where is Ngoma Awards 2023 held? The Ngoma Awards 2023 took place in Lusaka, Zambia, specifically on December 9, at the chosen location for the presentation ceremony.
  2. What is the Ngoma Awards event? Ngoma Awards is an annual celebration in Zambia that recognizes outstanding achievements in various artistic fields, including music, visual arts, media arts, creative writing, theatre, and more.
  3. What is the history of Ngoma Awards? Ngoma Awards originated from the National Arts Council of Zambia’s mandate in 1994. After a six-year break, the awards were reintroduced in 2019, becoming the official national honors for artistic merit in Zambia.
  4. How can artists participate in Ngoma Awards 2023? Artists in Zambia can participate by dialing *335# on Zamtel mobile phones, selecting a category, entering the artist’s name, and confirming the submission. Each entry costs five Zambian kwacha.
  5. When is the Ngoma Awards 2023 ceremony? The Ngoma Awards ceremony was scheduled for December 9, following the timeline that included nominations closing on November 1, the announcement of nominees on November 17, and voting from November 17 to December 7.

Conclusion: Ngoma Awards 2023 served as a beacon for Zambian artistic talent, showcasing the nation’s rich and diverse cultural expressions. With its roots in the National Arts Council of Zambia and a history that spans decades, these awards play a pivotal role in celebrating the vibrant arts and culture scene in Zambia.

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