Nodejs Development: Best Countries For Outsourcing

by Carter Toni

Nodejs Development

Before we learn what are the best countries to outsource Node js development and what benefits it can bring, let’s learn a few core facts about Nodejs.

Nodejs is a free open-source runtime environment than on Javascript, one of the easiest and most popular programming languages in the world.

Nodejs has excellent functionality for developing various applications and it’s highly popular among programmers. Nodejs is used by such powerhouses as Netflix, Uber, GoDaddy, and LinkedIn. The reasons for Nodejs popularity are the ability to scale up quickly, flexibility, speed and performance, accessibility of a single programming language, and more.

How Outsourcing Nodejs Development Can Help Your Business

Nodejs development outsourcing has a few unbeatable benefits. Read to learn how farming Nodejs development tasks can benefit your company.

Reduced Cost

One of the most frequently pursued aims of outsourcing is cutting down the overall development cost. Joining hands with remote developers will help Western companies get the same expertise for a lower development rate.

Streamlined Effectiveness

Outsourcing Nodejs development will let your employees focus on more important tasks. Tackle the recruiting and onboarding hassle from your in-house team’s shoulders. Farm the development tasks to someone who’s got experience and expertise in programming with Nodejs and utilize the available time on tasks that will let your business grow.

High Quality Of Tasks

Access to skilled offshore developers doesn’t mean compromising the quality of the product. Remote workers are aware of the latest tools, technologies, and development trends.

Best Countries For Outsourcing Nodejs Development


Argentina continues to be the sweet spot for US-based companies looking to outsource Nodejs development. The county has a thriving pool of tech specialists qualified enough to develop superior products using Nodejs. Argentina software development is a lifeline for companies looking to get ultimate-quality results for an affordable price.

Another advantage for US companies to outsource Nodejs development to Argentina is the ability to work in real-time. Most American states have overlapping time zones with Argentina. Evaluate projects on the go and adjust changes immediately to get the result delivered on short notice.


India is one of the largest countries for outsourcing with a huge abundance of talented Nodejs developers. The reasons why many US companies choose Nodejs developers from India are the cost competitiveness of services and proficiency in English.

Typically, the Indian Nodejs developer’s hourly rate ranges between $23 to $50 per hour depending on the skills and experience they possess.


Ukraine is one of the most reliable destinations for Nodejs development. This Eastern European country hosts a vast pool of talents. The rate of senior Node js developers from Ukraine rarely exceeds $60 per hour. By applying to Ukrainian vendors, US-based companies get a great cultural fit and a powerful IT industry hub. Besides, Ukrainian developers speak well to fluent English and constantly master their language and programming skills as well.


Poland is included in this list because of the strong draw of great Nodejs development talent in the country. The two country’s largest cities Warsaw and Krakow are where the most of great potential can be found. According to HackerRank research, Poland is ranked number 3 country with the biggest number of qualified programmers in the world.

Nodejs developers have an excellent command of English. Poland is ranked as a country with high English proficiency. This fact adds to the attractiveness of Poland as the outsourcing destination. Polish Nodejs developers charge about $30-55 per hour.


The Philippines has long been known as a key player in the outsourcing industry. Local universities churn out thousands of talented programmers leading to a large talent concentration. Apart from Nodejs, Philipina developers have deep expertise in Ruby, PHP, HTML, C++, and more. They are ready to handle the tasks for $28–$65 per hour. This is much lower than US developers due to lower standards of living (e.g. taxes, transportation, house utilities, etc).

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