Noida Lift Crash: What You Need to Know About the Noida Lift Crash!

by Moore Martin

Noida Lift Crash

In a recent and tragic incident, Noida witnessed a heart-wrenching lift crash that has left the nation in shock. This article aims to provide you with a detailed account of this unfortunate incident, covering the key aspects and its impact.

The Shocking Noida Lift Crash

The news of the Noida lift crash grabbed headlines and stirred emotions across the country. The incident occurred at an under-construction site in Noida Extension, leading to the loss of four lives. As per reports, a service lift, carrying four workers, plunged from the 14th floor of the construction site. This horrifying event has pushed the total death toll to eight, as confirmed by officials. The Noida lift crash has left people shocked and devastated, prompting discussions and concerns.

Financial Compensation

Senior officials have responded promptly to this tragedy, offering financial compensation of Rs 25 lakhs to the families of the deceased. This move aims to provide support and solace to the grieving families.

The Site of the Incident

The accident took place at the Amrapali Dream Valley project site in Noida Extension, formerly known as Greater Noida. It unfolded on a Friday morning, shattering the peace and tranquility of the construction site.

Victims’ Identities

The victims of this terrible accident have been identified as follows:

1. Kuldeep Pal – 20 years old, hailing from Kannauj.
2. Arbaaz Ali – 19 years old, from Meerut.
3. Maan Ali – 20 years old, from Balrampur.
4. Mohammad Ali Khan – 18 years old, from Amroha.

The police, in a statement on Saturday, revealed that two more lives were lost in this tragic incident:

5. Ishtaq Ali – 23 years old, from Bihar’s Balrampur district.
6. Vipot Mandal – 45 years old, from Bihar’s Katihar.
7. Arun Tanti Mandal – 40 years old, from Bihar’s Banka.
8. Aris Khan- 22 years old, from Amroha in Uttar Pradesh.

Compensation and Ongoing Investigations

The compensation of Rs 20 lakhs from NBCC and an additional Rs 5 lakhs from the court’s receiver has been offered to the affected families. It is worth noting that compensation cheques have already been handed over by NBCC. Moreover, one worker, currently fighting for his life, remains in critical condition and is under intensive care in a hospital.

The authorities are taking this incident seriously, sealing off under-construction buildings near the site as part of the ongoing investigation. An FIR has been registered at the Bisrakh Police Station, and the case continues to be under thorough examination.

Stay tuned for further updates on this heart-wrenching incident. We are committed to keeping you informed about any developments as they occur.


The Noida lift crash is a tragic event that has deeply impacted the lives of many. Our thoughts go out to the families affected by this heartbreaking incident. We hope for the swift recovery of the injured worker and for the authorities to conduct a thorough investigation to prevent such accidents in the future.


1. What caused the Noida lift crash?

The exact cause of the Noida lift crash is under investigation. Authorities are working to determine the factors that led to this tragic incident.

2. How much compensation have the families of the victims received?

The families of the victims have received a total of Rs 25 lakhs in compensation, with Rs 20 lakhs provided by NBCC and an additional Rs 5 lakhs from the court’s receiver.

3. Is there any update on the injured worker’s condition?

One of the workers involved in the incident is still in critical condition and is receiving intensive care in a hospital. The latest updates on his condition are awaited.

4. Are there any safety measures being taken at the construction site now?

In response to the incident, authorities have sealed off under-construction buildings near the accident site as part of their investigation into the case.

5. What action is being taken to prevent similar incidents in the future?

The authorities are conducting a thorough investigation to determine the cause of the incident and to implement safety measures to prevent similar accidents in the future.

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