Noida’s Eco-Revolution: 100 New E-Buses Set to Transform 37 Routes!

by Moore Martin

Noida to Get 100 New E-Buses on 37 Routes Under PM-rbus Sewa

Netizens have been abuzz with excitement over Noida’s imminent acquisition of 100 e-buses through the PM-eBus Sewa initiative. This transformative news has garnered significant attention and stirred curiosity. Reports suggest that Noida will soon introduce 100 electric buses for public transportation, covering 20 routes, as confirmed by an official source. Furthermore, it has been revealed that a feasibility report was submitted to Lucknow by the UP Road and Transport Corporation in the first week of October for approval. In this article, we will delve into the specifics of this exciting development.

The Arrival of 100 New E-Buses in Noida

According to the latest reports, these e-buses are anticipated to hit the streets of Noida shortly after the Diwali festival. The UPSRTC has already secured the necessary land for the bus depot in Noida, which will serve as the hub for these eco-friendly vehicles. The fleet comprises 50 nine-meter-long e-buses and 50 twelve-meter-long ones. Each bus is expected to cover an average distance of 200 kilometers per day, efficiently serving 20 dedicated routes that connect Noida to the Jewar Airport. The prospect of such a substantial addition to Noida’s public transportation system has raised numerous questions and piqued the curiosity of netizens.

Operational Details

The e-buses are slated to operate from 5 am to 11 pm, ensuring convenient access for commuters. The routes have been meticulously planned, with an average distance of 50 kilometers between the starting and ending points. However, an important question arises: How will these e-buses be powered? Pashchimanchal Vidyut Vitran Nigam Limited will play a crucial role in providing the necessary electricity for these eco-friendly buses. Furthermore, Sector 90 has been designated as the location for the bus depot, equipped with charging facilities. Manoj Kumar, the regional manager of UPSRTC in Gautam Budh Nagar, has disclosed these details, providing valuable insights into the upcoming transportation system.

Maintenance and Longest/Shortest Routes

One aspect that remains uncertain is whether UPSRTC or a private aggregator will be responsible for maintaining these e-buses in the city. The network of routes includes the longest route, which extends from Sector 12/22 to the Jewar Airport, and from Sector 14 to the Ewar Airport. Each of these routes will be served by seven buses, totaling 14 daily trips. On the other hand, the shortest route, from Sector 67 to Sector 37, will be covered by two buses, providing 28 daily trips. The decision regarding bus maintenance is expected to be made in an upcoming meeting, and we will keep you updated on this front.

In conclusion, Noida’s upcoming introduction of 100 e-buses is a significant milestone in the city’s commitment to sustainable and eco-friendly transportation. As the city gears up for this exciting development, various aspects, such as electricity supply and maintenance, are still being clarified. The introduction of these e-buses is expected to make commuting in Noida more efficient and environmentally friendly.


1. When will the 100 e-buses in Noida become operational?

– The e-buses are expected to start operating shortly after the Diwali festival.

2. How far will the e-buses travel on average each day?

– These e-buses are anticipated to cover an average distance of 200 kilometers per day.

3. Who will provide the electricity to power the e-buses in Noida?

– Pashchimanchal Vidyut Vitran Nigam Limited is responsible for supplying electricity to the e-buses.

4. Which routes will have the highest and lowest number of e-buses in Noida?

– The longest route will extend from Sector 12/22 to the Jewar Airport, while the shortest route will run from Sector 67 to Sector 37.

5. Who will be responsible for the maintenance of these e-buses in Noida?

– The decision regarding maintenance, whether by UPSRTC or a private aggregator, is yet to be finalized in an upcoming meeting. Stay tuned for updates.

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