The Legacy of Og Mandino: How Much Was He Really Worth?

by Moore Martin

Have you ever heard of Og Mandino? If not, get ready to be inspired by his story. From a young man struggling to find his place in the world in Framingham, Massachusetts, to becoming one of the most successful and beloved authors of all time, Mandino’s journey is nothing short of remarkable. In this blog post, we’ll delve into how he overcame adversity and rejection to become a bestselling author whose words continue to touch millions of lives today. So sit back, grab a cuppa and get ready for an inspiring tale!

Og Mandino net worth

Introduction to Og Mandino

Og Mandino was one of the most popular and prolific self-help authors of the 20th century. His books have sold millions of copies and have been translated into dozens of languages.Mandino was born in 1918 in Framingham, Massachusetts. He had a difficult childhood; his father died when he was just a baby, and his mother struggled to support the family. When Og was 10 years old, she sent him to live with his grandparents. He dropped out of high school at age 17 to join the army, and served in World War II. After the war, he worked as a salesman for a while, before getting married and starting a family.In the early 1960s, Mandino began having problems with alcohol abuse. His marriage ended in divorce, and he lost his job. He hit rock bottom when he attempted suicide by jumping off a bridge. But instead of dying, he survived and decided to turn his life around.

He started reading self-help books and attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. These experiences inspired him to start writing his own book about success, which became The Greatest Salesman in the World. The book was an instant bestseller, and propelled Mandino to fame and fortune. He went on to write more than 20 other books, all of which were bestsellers.Mandino’s message was simple: anyone can achieve success if they set their mind to it and work hard. This message resonated with millions of people around the world,

Early Life in Framingham

Og Mandino was born in Framingham, Massachusetts on December 12, 1923. His father, Lawrence, was a successful businessman and his mother, Louise (Lamb) Mandino, was a homemaker. He had two younger sisters, Peggy and Virginia. The family lived in a comfortable home on Wilson Street and were members of the First Parish Church.

Mandino’s early childhood was happy and idyllic. He enjoyed spending time with his friends, fishing and swimming in the local ponds, and exploring the woods around his neighborhood. He was an active Boy Scout and played Little League baseball. His parents provided him with a loving home and a solid foundation upon which he would later build his life.

In 1935, when Mandino was eleven years old, his father died suddenly of a heart attack. This event had a profound effect on young Og. His idyllic childhood came to an end and he was thrust into the role of man of the house at a very difficult time in his life. In addition to dealing with his own grief, he now had to help his mother support the family financially. He took odd jobs after school and worked hard to contribute to the household income.

Despite the challenges he faced during this time, Mandino remained active in school and Scouts. He also developed a love of reading that would stay with him throughout his life. In 1941, he graduated from Framingham High School with honors. After graduation, he enrolled at

Mandino’s Military Experience in WWII

Mandino’s military experience in WWII was a major factor in shaping his character and worldview. He enlisted in the Army Air Corps in 1942 and served as a navigator on B-24 bombers in the Pacific theater. His plane was shot down over the Philippines in 1944, and he spent nearly a year as a prisoner of war.

This experience had a profound effect on Mandino, and he later said that it was during his time as a POW that he realized the importance of living each day to its fullest. He also credited his survival to his strong belief in God, which was something that he had been taught by his mother from an early age.

After the war, Mandino returned to the United States and enrolled at Wichita State University. It was there that he first began writing, and he eventually became one of the most successful self-help authors of all time.

Writing Career Beginnings

Og Mandino had humble beginnings as a janitor and salesman in Framingham, Massachusetts. He was drafted into the Army during World War II, where he served as a radio operator in Italy. After the war, he attended the University of Success in Boston on the G.I. Bill.

It wasMandino’s time at the University of Success that set him on the path to becoming a bestselling author. One of his professors there was Napoleon Hill, who is best known for his book Think and Grow Rich. Hill’s teachings about positive thinking and the power of affirmative statements resonated with Mandino, and he began using them in his own life.

Mandino put Hill’s principles to work and soon started seeing results. He landed a job as a sales manager for a grocery chain, and then went on to become one of the top salesmen in the country for Metropolitan Life Insurance Company. It was during this time that Mandino began writing articles for success-oriented magazines like Reader’s Digest and The Saturday Evening Post.

In 1968, Mandino finally achieved his dream of becoming a published author with the release of his first book, The Greatest Salesman in the World. The book was an instant success, selling millions of copies and launching Mandino’s career as a bestselling author. He went on to write many more books over the course of his career, including several bestsellers like The Return of The Ragpicker and The Greatest Miracle in The World

The Journey to Become a Bestselling Author

In the late 1950s, Og Mandino was working as a salesman for a Cincinnati-based company. He wasn’t particularly happy with his job, but he was good at it and had a steady income. One day,Mandino came across a book called The Greatest Salesman in the World by Paul J. Meyer. The book changed his life.

Meyer’s book convinced Mandino that he could be successful at anything if he just set his mind to it and worked hard. So, Mandino decided to become a writer. He began by writing articles for magazines, but he quickly realized that he wanted to write something more substantial than magazine articles. He wanted to write a book.

However, becoming a bestselling author wasn’t easy. It took Mandino years of hard work and determination before he finally achieved success. But his journey was worth it in the end—today, Mandino is considered one of the most successful self-help authors of all time.

Notable Works and Publications

Og Mandino’s most famous work is undoubtedly The Greatest Salesman in the World, which was published in 1968. This book has sold over 50 million copies and has been translated into over 20 languages.

Mandino’s other notable works include: The Return of the Ragpicker (1969), The Choice (1970), The Greatest Miracle in the World (1971), The Tenth Commandment (1972), and The Greatest Secrets of All Time (1975). He also wrote a number of articles for Success Magazine in the 1970s.

Legacy of Og Mandino

Og Mandino was one of the most popular and successful self-help authors of his generation. His books have sold millions of copies and have been translated into dozens of languages. His work has inspired and helped people all over the world to improve their lives.

Mandino was born in Framingham, Massachusetts in 1923. He had a difficult childhood, and his parents divorced when he was just a teenager. He dropped out of high school and joined the Army, serving in World War II. After the war, he worked a variety of jobs before eventually finding success as a salesman.

It was during his time as a salesman that Mandino began reading self-help books and developing an interest in personal development. He eventually wrote his own book, The Greatest Salesman in the World, which became an instant bestseller. This book launches Mandino’s career as an author and speaker, and he would go on to write many more bestselling books.

Mandino’s message was always positive and uplifting. He believed that anyone could achieve success if they set their mind to it. His work continues to inspire people all over the world to pursue their dreams and live their best life.


Og Mandino’s journey from Framingham to fame is an inspiring story of determination and perseverance. He set out with a dream, and despite the odds against him, he persevered until he achieved it. We can learn a lot from his willingness to keep going even when things were tough – that no matter how difficult the road may be, we can still make our dreams come true if we never give up. Og has left us with an important lesson – that anything is possible as long as you are willing to put in the work and believe in yourself.

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