Organic Clicks: Some Ways To Get Steal Them From Competitors!

by Carter Toni

You are all set with the newly launched website. You have done everything to let people know about it. But nobody’s visiting? Is it a page copy? No! Oh, yes you must have checked for that. Then, what it could be? Do you know, it is very easy to get overlooked by Google for your organic click-through rates? Yes, you heard that right. After all, you’ve been believing that they’re not as important as other SEO metrics, like inbound links. Working on organic clicks includes some of the great reasons, not only just making an impact on your rankings. You may be surprised to know that there has been an evidence that if you want your website to move up in the rankings, organic click-through rate must be improved by at least 3%.

Organic Clicks

We all are living in a world, which is obsessed with rankings. The obsession is so much that it’s hard for the SEOs to remember that these rankings are useless if they’re not accompanied through a high click-through rate (CTR). You must be thinking why anyone should care about organic CTR, when there are so much other sources to do it. Apart from the obvious benefit of increased website traffic, Google generally rewards higher CTRs with higher rankings. CTR is an amazing thing, not only it can offer you with increased brand awareness, but more higher the CTR your, the higher chances that your ranking, and the better visibility for your brand increases.

Improving the organic clicks is a challenge for any business. Businesses have to make sure that when people search for the product or service that they are selling, they find them and not their competitors. One thing that every business should remember is search engine optimization (SEO) is not just about costly pay-per-click advertising. There are a plenty of thing that one can do increase organic traffic at no cost except the time. Now that we know Google rankings without any doubt has an influence which is stronger than ever, we should seriously look for organic CTR on websites. The question arises, how to get them from industry giants? How to stand out from the crowd? How to face the competition in a marketplace dominated by industry giants with resources that are out of your reach? To get the answer of this question, you have to read this article.

1. Strike on the weakness of competitors: Identifying the weakness of the competitor is the first and foremost step that you should take in competing against the industry giants.

  • Analyze the gap in content– content is a key to improve your results. So, start with content auditing. There are variety of tools available to understand which keywords you should rank for that your competitor is not targeting.
  • Formatting gaps in content: Another aspect that you should look for in the analysis is that the formats of content which are not being utilized by competitor. No matter which industry you are in, there is always a way to go beyond of the standard. Include videos, audios, even diagrams for increasing your website search on the internet.
  • Write featured snippets: The sure-shot technique of increasing the search results is featured snippet. You must know that it doesn’t matter if your website ranking is not first position for a search query, but you are still able to appear in the “position 0” placement with good content and best answers to the user’s search.

2. Descriptive URL’s: Content’s URL is one of the first things that people see. Basically, it should the place where you can and should place the keywords appropriately. Putting the keyword in the URL is an important signal for Google. Yes, potential human visitors’ does matter, still it works. Apart from just keywords, any business can further improve URLs by using categories and sub-categories. Making use of categories in your link structure puts search results in a wider context. This also help the visitors know about product in the area they are interested in.

3. Improvisation in the titles: One of the prominent parts of improving the search results is the page title. A lot of focus should be given to the tile of the page and making is more effective as possible.

  • Try different headlines– Put options while deciding the headlines. Don’t just go with the first line which pops up into your head. Try and come up with several alternatives.
  • Emotions are important– you won’t deny the fact that most of the decisions are derived from feelings and this includes clicks too. And, this gives a very good way to get people to check out content by shifting their focus from keyword centric to being centered on emotions.
  • Bullets and lists do the job: List posts, bulleted article or table format are proven to boost CTR. Visitors love the segregation, so much that some of the websites seem to live off of top-X lists alone. By this, you are providing your visitor the information that is easy to read and understand.
  • Formatting matters: Be it an article or a blog or even a pictorial post, appearance of anything matters. If the post appears less appealing to click on, people won’t be interested to click

4. Can’t beat them? Join them: Industry giants like Amazon and Uber are hard to beat. So what? If you can’t give competition to the, just join them. It will prove to be a very good move for your brand. You can easily earn profits by start selling through them. This is one of the best options to piggyback off the profit of your industry competitor.


By reading the article above, one thing is sure that Organic CTR is important. And, stealing them from the industry giants isn’t impossible. It could be done with proper analysis and guidance. However, it is true that it is a daunting task. So, the best thing that you could do is to make a robust plan of attack their organic traffic.

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