Anucharan’s encouraging very first Kirumi gave us the idea he is probably the new crop of filmmakers we require to watch out for. Lately, his Suzhal – that he co-directed with Bramma – reaffirmed that idea. Barely a couple weeks following basking in the success of the collection, Anucharan’s Panni Kutty hits screens. And that is certainly not good news.

A wannabe comedy-of-problems, this Anucharan directorial – meant to launch in 2019 – looks outdated featuring its juvenile plot and an archaic group of jokes which make you would like to pull out the hair. Furnished with a battalion of funny famous actors such as Karunakaran, Yogi Babu, Ramar, Thanga Durai and Singam Puli, Panni Kutty attempts to perform for their strengths, as Anucharan requires the hit.

A piglet operates amok splitting two organizations looking for it. At least this seems to be the concept on paper. Panni Kutty needed a meaty script, bigger budget and a better set of actors, if that were the case.

Every “joke” you get is a one half-laugh. You wait for the actual “joke” to area at some point however it turned out to be a long and unsatisfying wait around. I noticed dispersed laughs through the crew and cast with whom I caught the show. Possibly these are required to chuckle. I am just not.