Party Starters That You Have To Serve At Your Next Party

by Carter Toni

A good party consists of some good decor, a good bunch of people, good music and most importantly, some good food/drinks. There would be many people attending a party just to grab a few bites this is why you need to make sure that food should be up to the mark everyone’s expecting. Here is a few party starter food that you must serve at your next party to claim it to be “ hip and happening”.

  • Cake – No party is ever complete without marking it over a cake. And so, you must get a show-stopping yet delicious cake from some reputed bakery for your party, since you won’t have the time to bake it for your party. You can order cake online in Mumbai or any other part of the world with a bakery’s efficient delivery services. You can pick a tier cake, pinata cake, pull me up cake, designer cake or any other such cake to please your guests.
  • French Fries – Everyone shares this unparalleled love for french fries and this is what makes it a major hit when served across parties. Dry small bites like french fries will save your guests from creating a mess at the venue and fill their stomachs with something crispy, yummy. You can get crinkle fries, cheesy fries, curly fries, shoestring fries and more. You can get an assortment of dips to serve along with these french fries.
  • Nachos – No party will ever be complete without serving some crispy, saucy and cheesy nachos. Nachos bring people together at a party and is a party mood booster that gets alongwith any kind of soft as well as hard drinks. You can buy a pack of nachos and serve it, just the way you like it.
  • Chips – If you are about to throw a kickass party then chips are a must-serve. There are a plethora of options made available for this kind of party starter such as Cheetos, Lays, Kurkure, Pringles, Bingo, Doritos, etc. Just like nachos, chips are crunchy and are perfect for munchy-ing. Ther are the most commonly served party food, as per many pieces of research.
  • Garlic Bread – People love the smell and taste of garlic, hence it makes a great accompaniment to drinks across parties. If you are looking for some dry nibbles so that you can be at ease while cleaning up later on, then garlic bread is a real-life as well as party saviour. You can get some garlic bread delivered from some reputed Italian place to get your party started.
  • Pita bread and Hummus – Ever since Mediterranean cuisine has entered India everyone seems to be pita bread and hummus. It is one such healthy party food which you can choose to include in your celebrations. Hummus is the traditional dip that is made with mashed chickpeas and other ingredients, whereas pita bread is leavened bread that is quite popular in the Middle East.
  • Veg Seekh Kebab – If you wish to seek attention as a host/hostess in your party, then serve some delicious veg seekh kebabs. It’s a vegan appetiser which is quite healthy. You can choose to add different kinds of veggies to make this dish, healthy addition to your party food menu.
  • Crispy Corn – Fried corn kernels and adding some masala to it is what crispy corn is all about. It hardly takes 10 minutes to make crispy corn and goes well with any kind of cocktails, mocktails, hard drinks and cold drinks.
  • Paneer Corn Seekh Kebab – It is one such appetiser that is absolutely loved by people of all age groups. Made with cottage cheese, corn and some other herbs, paneer corn seekh kebab is a patty that is served along with coriander mint chutney to make any party even more special.
  • Soya Chunks Cutlet – Being a rich source of protein and fibre, soya chunks cutlet often make a great party appetiser. You can choose to make some soya chunks cutlet in no time and serve it along with a bowl of ketchup and chilly sauce.

So, these were some fabulous party starters, that you can choose to serve at your next party. Your guest is going to be left in awe of your hospitality and food menu.

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