Plumbing issues that you should look for before purchasing a house

by Carter Toni

We don’t realize how pivotal a role plumbing plays in our house until something goes haywire. If you don’t want to be stuck with clogged toilets and low pressure in the shower, here are a few plumbing tips to make sure your plumbing stays in good shape.

Maintaining toilets

It isn’t surprising that toilets are a common source of leaks in the bathroom. If a toilet is leaking, it should be fixed immediately by experienced plumbers in Perth Northern Suburbs to prevent damage to the flooring and baseboards.

Residents should check to see if the water level in the flush tank is not overflowing through the overflow pipe. This is the device with a small amount of tubing connected to it. If there is an overflow, residents should get it fixed.

In case the toilet is running, or the flush tank is overflowing, the filling valve should be adjusted until the water stops almost an inch below the top of the overflow tube. Also, residents should check if the flush tank has a water level mark present on either the left or right.

Another way to check the flushing valve’s mechanism is to place a few drops of food colouring in the flush tank and then check the toilet bowl after approximately 15 minutes. If the water has changed its colour, then either the ball or the flapper is leaking. Either of them should be replaced quickly.

If residents observe coloured water at their toilet’s base, they could be dealing with a cracked toilet. This doesn’t require any ‘do it yourself’ method, this requires a plumber and residents should call a professional plumber/plumbing service to get the problem fixed. Also buy all the plumbing accessories from any top plumbing manufacturers in your town.

It is imperative to understand the toilet should not be used as a trash can. Toilet paper is the only thing that should be flushed down the toilet. Facial tissues should be thrown in the trash bin because they are highly absorbent and block the drain pipes. Same goes for wet-wipes.

Maintaining showerheads

Showerheads can start forming an uneven stream of water once they get clogged with calcium deposits from hard water. Expert plumbers share the following steps for residents to clean them up with ease:

  • The swivel ball nut should be first unscrewed. Channel-type pliers or an adjustable wrench can be helpful in this matter.
  • When the collar nut has been unscrewed from the shower head, the outlet should be cleaned gently along with the shower head’s inlet holes using a thin wire.
  • The shower head should be rinsed with clean water and then reassembled afterwards.
  • For removing mineral deposits, a plastic bag should be filled with vinegar and be placed around the showerhead by immersing it in the liquid. THen it should be attached to the neck with a twist tie. The showerhead should be soaked in the vinegar overnight before wiping away the mineral deposits using a damp cloth.

Maintaining the faucets

Here are some expert tips on fixing faucets:

  • Faucets have O-rings (unlike pipes) and the plumbing tape in them can wear down fast. Occasionally, residents will need to tighten the screws, nuts and/or bolts of their faucets or replace them altogether. This is where plumbing services come in handy.
  • Leaky faucets need to be fixed fast. This will help avoid further damage to both faucets and fixtures.

Another thing to look for is the faucet aerators which should be always clean. Sediments and lime build up can block its openings, causing low water pressure, as well as leaks in the handle. Aerators should be cleaned using the following tips:

  • The aerator should be unscrewed with caution. If it is difficult, wrap a plier’ jaws with masking tape and then loosen up the aerator. Then it should be unscrewed by hand.
  • The aerator’s head should be taken apart. Then using a small brush soaked in vinegar, sediments and other stubborn materials should be scrubbed off.
  • The aerator should be returned to its original spot and be screwed back on the faucet.

Removing the bathroom clogs

Bathroom clogs can be quite troublesome, yet they are the easiest to fix. Here are some tips to remove bathroom clogs and fix them whenever they take place:

  • Residents should run hot water down the drain once every week to make sure it is free flowing.
  • Strainers should be installed in tubs and showers that can catch soap residue and hair. They should be cleaned regularly.
  • Replace the faulty shower diverter valve
  • Residents must avoid flushing those things in the toilet that do not belong there.
  • In case a toilet or drain is still clogged, contact a professional plumber or plumbing service immediately. contact plumbers rancho Cucamonga for immediate plumbing service


They may sound redundant, but they are helpful without a doubt. Pipe leaks, slab leaks, toilet leaks, broken faucets and bathroom clogs, they’re all covered. Residents should not hesitate to follow these handy tips and fix common bathroom problems by themselves. In case the problems become worse, they should call the plumber right away.

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