Power Book II: Ghost Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot and all you need to know

by Carter Toni

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Starz has confirmed that Power Book II: Ghost continues to be restored for any second season. The announcement is made around the show’s social channels, using the caption: “We thought we said that people won’t stop. Season 2 is going to be much more.”

Release date

Starz hasn’t stated when don’t be surprised the following batch of episodes, but considering that season one showed up at the outset of September 2020, the very best-situation scenario is September 2021. There’s no official release date since COVID-19 makes shooting much more difficult of computer has ever been.

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  1. Tariq ( Michael Rainey Junior ) ? Jamaican-American actor
  2. Monet ( Mary J Blige ) ? American singer-songwriter
  3. Cooper ( Geebet Manley ) ? American actor
  4. Brayden ( Gianni Paolo ) ? American actor
  5. Tameika ( Quincy Tyler Bernstine ) ? American actress
  6. Zeke ( Daniel Bellomy ) ? American actor
  7. Lauren ( Paige Hurd ) ? American actress
  8. Davis ( Clifford Cruz ) ? American rapper also known for his stage name “Method Man”.


“In the 2nd season, Tariq’s journey using the Tejada family can get difficult and much more harmful because he starts to comprehend the man he’s likely to become,” stated the ghost creator Courtney Kemp inside a statement. Chatting to Entertainment Weekly concerning the next chapter, she added: “Well, clearly Tariq has committed an enormous murder and there’s likely to be a large reaction to that on campus. Where we’d begun an encroachment of his drug existence into his school existence using the occurrences that required devote episode eight using the attempt on his existence and the entire body within the pool, now his whole drug existence has crashed into his campus existence inside a possible way. And Tariq certainly seems like he’s travelling just like a ticking time explosive device. His relationships are likely to have more complicated, even though that’s all happening he’s still had a love existence. For Tariq’s mother Tasha ( Naturi Naughton ), she’s now inside a protection program, meaning we’ll most likely be seeing much less of her.

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Tariq designed a option to save his mother, but it’s an option he doesn’t have complete control over while he doesn’t know where she’s going,” Courtney Kemp told the Deadline. She further added “So, I believe what’s going to show up within the next months are his inabiility to make contact with his mother, to get along with his mother, and also to obtain that connection. Area of the journey of season two is completely dealing with and selection without the advantage of anyone to call.” Kemp also stated that ethics will probably be a main theme in season two, telling Deadline that “Tariq’s class, the Canonical Studies class, moves into an ethics unit.” She elaborated: “Is there this type of factor because the real greater good, right? What is the greater good? Will the finish justify the means? I am talking about, that’s an issue that we’re always asking in Power however when you’re requested to create a paper about this or talk about that at school and you’ve got committed some pretty heinous functions to have your end…that’s one I possibly could address and state that individuals are a few things which are coming along without a doubt.”

Professor Jabari Reynolds ( Justin McManus ) was murdered by Tariq, therefore we wouldn’t expect him to feature in season two, unless of course in flashback form or like a figment of Tariq’s imagination.

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Presently, Season 2 doesn’t have trailer. We will not acquire one until filming begins. Probably, we’ll see our first trailer for that season in the finish of Power Book III: Raising Kanan, set to air at some stage in 2021.

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