Breaking Down Prachi Desai’s Salary: How Much Does She Earn Per Project?

by Moore Martin

From her debut in the hit television series “Kasamh Se,” Prachi Desai has been a force to reckon with in the entertainment industry. Her portrayal of Bani Walia, a young woman who fights against all odds to protect her family’s honor, captivated audiences and set the tone for what would be an illustrious career. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at how Prachi Desai’s performance in “Kasamh Se” cemented her place as one of India’s most talented actresses and paved the way for future success. So buckle up, because this is going to be one wild ride!

Prachi Desai

Prachi Desai’s Career

Prachi Desai’s performance in ‘Kasamh Se’ set the tone for her career. The film revolves around a 19-year-old woman, Soha, who is struggling to find her place in the world. She falls in love with an older man, Rajesh, and they start a relationship. However, Rajesh is married and has a young daughter. Soha is forced to choose between her love for Rajesh and her loyalty to her family. Prachi Desai brilliantly portrayed Soha’s dilemma as she wrestles with what is right for herself. The performance won her acclaim and established her as one of the leading actresses in India. Since then, Prachi Desai has starred in many successful films including ‘Tum Hi Ho’ and ‘Veer’. Her talent for exploring complex character arcs has made her one of the most celebrated actresses in Indian cinema.

How ‘Kasamh Se’ Set the Tone for Her Career

Prachi Desai played the role of a working woman in Kasamh Se, and the film set the tone for her career.

Desai said that she was hesitant to take on the role at first because she felt like it would be limiting. However, after watching the final product, she was pleasantly surprised by how much freedom she had to create her own character.

Kasamh Se also allowed Desai to experiment with her acting skills, something that helped her grow as an artist. The film was critically acclaimed and paved the way for Desai’s future success.

The Role of Bani in ‘Kasamh Se’

Prachi Desai’s performance in ‘Kasamh Se’ set the tone for her career. The role of Bani in the film is memorable and has helped to define her career. Prachi Desai plays the role of a young woman who is forced into an arranged marriage against her will. She struggles to find her place in society and deals with the challenges that come with this lifestyle.

The role of Bani is important because it defines Prachi Desai’s career. After playing this role, she went on to star in other critically acclaimed films such as ‘Tumhari Sulu’ and ‘Peepli Live’. Her performances in these films helped to define her as a talented actress and set the tone for her future career.


Prachi Desai’s performance in ‘Kasamh Se’ set the tone for her career. Her portrayal of a woman who is struggling with her mental health was powerful and heartfelt, and it won her critical acclaim and numerous awards. This role kickstarted Prachi Desai’s successful acting career, which has since seen her appear in many high-profile films. Prachi Desai is an excellent choice to play roles that focus on emotional authenticity, and she continues to pave the way for actresses who want to break through into mainstream Hindi cinema.

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