Premium WordPress WooCommerce Themes are good in 5 ways

by Carter Toni

##Intro: Nowadays there is a lot of competition on the web and your online store should be attractive and fast. More than that, it must sell and find new customers. Today we will talk about conditions which you need to meet for success with an ecommerce website.

In the article you will find tips from experienced developers and ecommerce store owners, as well as from us. I hope this information will help you to improve your business.

We have collected 10 ways how a store can be done better in order to please its customers

This is a revised version of an old post that has been republished.

#1. Product images must look like real products

We all know that images are very important on the Internet, especially if they are photos of your product . Good quality product images will help convince customers that they need to buy things you offer. You can use zoom function and highlight distinctive features of the goods, for example, its material, color or finishing. Show your products from different angles to show that they are quality and durable .

Good photography will help you win the trust of your customers, improve their buying experience and increase sales.

If you sell handmade items then this task is even harder. Try taking photos of details which make the difference – trimming , print, a tag with the name of your brand . Sellers often ask us what camera they should use.

#2. Create as many as possible product categories

Many choose a set of product categories based on their own preferences . But to make it easier for customers to find what you offer, you need a better layout. You can categorize products by price or color , style or type of material used. Think about how your audience will look for things and make the best category structure.

For example, if you sell clothes for children , it may be necessary to divide them into categories by size or age. If you have a forwarding company, then the best option would be dividing the types of products that your customers buy regularly: shoes and accessories, bicycles and helmets for cycling.

#3. Use descriptive product names

Most people do not like filling in forms. Give customers an opportunity to quickly find the desired product by writing its description . For example, if you sell shoes, instead of “shoes” write size 39 (or small, women ). Also provide info about colors and materials used.

You can also add tags that will help your target audience better organize search queries. For example, if you sell shoes for men then you can add tags with adjectives that are closely related to this topic.

The names of the products themselves must be understandable . Instead of “Bag – 036” better write “Handbag in the style of Louis Vuitton”.

#4. Use WooCommerce features

Do not forget about the features that come with WooCommerce Themes to help you sell things . For example, if you use the Product Add-Ons plugin then your customers will be able to buy additional goods for goods they are already interested in. You can also set up downloadable products and share links to them on social networks – Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest.

#5. Add testimonials

Try to find testimonials from your customers and add them to the website . Such valuable information will also look great on your website and convince potential customers that you really make high-quality products and provide good service.

When adding a testimonial, do not forget about placing a photo of the person who gave a positive opinion about your work. This is very important for women’s, men’s and children’s clothing , as well as for cosmetics or any other product that is related to the appearance of a person .

If you sell something more generic, then it can be testimonials from people who used what you’re selling. For example, if you sell furniture, show photos of how people live in new apartments thanks to your company.

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