WordPress for Education: Top 5 Themes to Use

by Carter Toni

When people think about building a website from scratch, they often believe that it must be a very time-consuming, tiresome, and complicated process. However, these days, this belief is no longer true.

Thanks to WordPress, building websites is easy and doesn’t require any special effort or skills to get started. Best part? It is multipurpose!

Being one of the largest platforms for building custom blogs and websites, WordPress offers plenty of opportunities for all industries, and the field of education is not an exception. In this niche, WordPress can be used by students themselves, as well as teachers, educational facilities, businesses that operate in the field of education, and independent organizations that provide learning opportunities. And, here, we will tell you everything you need to know before building an education website with this platform.

How Can WordPress Be Used in the Field of Education?

To give you a few examples here, let’s start with the simplest use of this platform for education purposes – a student blog. Being a college student yourself, you can use WordPress to create your personal blog, share your ideas and experiences with fellow students, and, hopefully, monetize your blog. In fact, blogging is extremely popular among students these days. Of course, to reach real results, blogging should become your full-time job, meaning it will take nearly 100% of your time. However, luckily, you can receive essay help online and have professionals write my papers. This way, you will get more free time for your blog without compromising your academic success. And WordPress is surely the best platform for building your blog from scratch.

Are there other possible uses? You betcha! Speaking of writing services, we can name one more possible use of this platform in the field of education. If you are planning to launch your own essay writing service, you can use WordPress to create a custom, feature-rich website. That is, businesses can also use this platform.

Lastly, WordPress can also be used to create e-learning platforms or websites for educational facilities. So, as you can see, the applications are multiple. But where to get started?

Using WordPress for Education Websites

One of the biggest perks of WordPress is its simplicity of use. That is, anyone can start using this platform to create educational websites, having no prior experience or special coding skills.

To get started with your future blog or website, you will have to take several preparatory steps. Namely, you will have to define the main idea, pick a memorable domain name, hire a web host, and install WordPress. After this comes the most exciting part – designing and configuring your site.

To help you handle the design stage quickly and easily, WordPress has a huge library of ready-made themes and, below, we have gathered the best ones for education-centered websites.

1. Academy Pro

Academy Pro is a powerful theme created specifically for websites that create online learning courses, provide educational content, as well as membership sites. It has three different layout options, has multiple templates for landing pages, offers plenty of customization options, supports translation, and allows the use of many great education-related plugins.

2. Astra

Astra features compatibility with some of the best learning-focused plugins like LearnDash and others. It is well optimized and works incredibly fast. Like the previous option on our list, this theme also offers plenty of opportunities for customization. Moreover, being one of the most popular multipurpose themes on WordPress, Astra is extremely reliable, which makes it great for education sites.

3. Ultra

Ultra is also a multipurpose theme you can use on WordPress. It features a wide range of ready-made website demos, including an option for educational websites. The biggest benefits of this theme are compatibility with plenty of handy tools, a variety of layout options, and an extremely professional look with plenty of options for customization.

4. School

If you look at various education websites, you can see that many of them have a very minimalistic design. If that’s what you are looking for, then School is a perfect option. This theme looks professional and is great for building websites for colleges, schools, and other education facilities. It also has plenty of supported plugins to make your website feature-rich and convenient for your users.

5. OceanWP

OceanWP is one of the best themes you can use free of charge. It is meant for multiple purposes and has plenty of demos, layouts, and customization options. And, one of the demo sites it offers is meant for education. Some other benefits it has include responsiveness, easy setup, built-in SEO features, fast load time, and compatibility with the best tools and plugins for education sites.

The Bottom Line

WordPress is known for a huge number of ready-made themes for all kinds of websites. However, if you could choose pretty much any theme for a personal blog or business in another niche when it comes to education sites, not every theme can work well.

For this purpose, a perfect WordPress theme should have a professional look, responsive design, and support a variety of relevant plugins, such as registration forms and more. And, sometimes, it can be hard to make up your mind when the options are limited.

Luckily, now you have everything to get started. Hopefully, you will find something to suit your needs and vision in this article. So, go ahead and give our options a try to see what will work best for you.

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