Let’s find out about a distinctive site that is trending on the web supplying natural treatments for healing, referred to as Purplelionproject.com Website.

Maybe you have supported natural healing power nature the body? Most people in the usa U . s . States arewant to include natural remedies for his or her lives. Rather of concentrating on medications for illnesses the HOLISTIC approach is dependant on treatments and nature’s capacity to treat every aspect of the entire body. Social factors and mental well-being will also be taken into account during treatment.

So, let’s check all of the details associated with the Purplelionproject.com Website.

What’s Purplelionproject?

The web site is centered on the HOLISTIC approach to heal the individual. It focuses on supplying relief for negative feelings. It recommends eating whole fruit and steer clear of junk foods, staying away from injectables and chemicals, inhaling pure air, living the kitchen connoisseur and boosting the power from the soul.

Who’s Cassandra S Dunn?

Cassandra S Dunn may be the creator from the Purplelionproject. She’s an authorized Nurse, Entity approved Guide in the Casa de Dom Inacio healing center in South america along with a certified Federal Medical Investigator/Healthcare Surveyor.


  • Visit the Contact portion of the Purplelionproject.com Website.
  • Please enter your username, current email address and message. Inside the email, you are able to request an appointment
  • You may even write an e-mail to PurpleLionProject@protonmail.com
  • Consultation charges have $56 each hour of consultation via by telephone (or) via Skype
  • Additionally, you will be led on the next phase throughout the phone


  • Street address not given.not specified
  • Quantity of phone -not given
  • Current Email Address – PurpleLionProject@protonmail.com
  • Hr person for – Cassandra S. Dunn
  • Address of Website – https://world wide web.purplelionproject.com/
  • Site Age05/May/2021 05:28.09, 4 month and 17 day old
  • Site expirationat 05/May/2022 05.28:09.
  • Purplelionproject.com Website Servers – NS12.WIXDNS.Internet and NS13.WIXDNS.Internet
  • Registrar – Wix.com Limited
  • Domain ID – 2609833197_DOMAIN_COM-VRSN


  • An appointment by having an experienced professional employed in medical fields with an audio (or) audio phone
  • Two remedies for healing can be found upfront which are general and readily accessible OTC – Activated Charcoal in addition to D-Mannose
  • The variation of the more existence style that’s more heathier


  • The web site was produced just lately. The web site isn’t a showcase since the website has been available since the entire year 2014.
  • The web site has limited information
  • Disclaimer: See a physician to deal with any medical issue or diet, and for any recommendations
  • Disclaimer the website isn’t a replacement for treatment (or) treatment

Is Purplelionproject.com Website legit?

  • Website Trust Score -1%, (BAD)
  • Social Networking links – Facebook link working. YouTube link isn’t active
  • Website Recognition – 1798950 (Poor)
  • Closeness to Suspicious Websites – 9/100.
  • Threat Profile – 1/100
  • Phishing Score – /100
  • Adware and spyware Score- 1/100
  • Junk e-mail Score – /100
  • Domain isn’t blacklistedby any blacklisting engine

Reviews through the user:

There are lots of reviews that are positive from users on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube concerning the project. However, the quantity of reviews isn’t as high due to less subscribers (below 800).


The website looks good initially. However, you will find talking to costs which are billed, which provides it an industrial style. The Purplelionproject.com Website has pointed out that the help take presctiption a donation basis. How much money donated and also the amount spent aren’t disclosed. Due to a low trust score, the website shouldn’t be suggested.