Qourdle Com 2024: Is this Qourdle or Quordle?

by Moore Martin

Qourdle Com

Qourdle Com Review

If you’re looking to learn about Quordle’s gameplay, you’ve come to the right place. This article will provide you with informative steps on how to play Quordle. Whether you’re already familiar with the game or it’s completely new to you, we’ve got you covered. Quordle is gaining popularity in countries like Ireland, the United Kingdom, the United States, New Zealand, Canada, and Australia, with people spending their spare time enjoying this game. So, let’s dive into this post on Qourdle Com and explore the gameplay and other essential details.

Is this Qourdle or Quordle?

One of the most significant sources of confusion among gamers is the pronunciation and spelling of the game’s name. Many are searching for ‘Qourdle,’ which is an incorrect spelling. The game is actually spelled as ‘Quordle.’ If you’ve been making the same mistake, continue reading to clarify the correct spelling and pronunciation.

How to Play Quordle?

Quordle is gaining immense popularity worldwide, thanks to its simple yet addictive gameplay. Here’s how you can play Quordle:

Game Structure

Quordle consists of four sections, each requiring you to guess a five-letter word.


You have a total of nine chances to guess all four words correctly.

Guess Evaluation

When you enter a five-letter word in the empty boxes, the game provides feedback based on color:

  • Green: If a letter in your guessed word turns green, it means you’ve guessed the right letter in the correct position.
  • Yellow: If any of the letters in your guessed word turn yellow, the letter is correct, but it’s in the wrong position.
  • No Color Change: If the color of any letter in your guessed word doesn’t change, it means the letter is incorrect.


Once you’ve successfully guessed a letter, all the boxes will turn green.

How Many Times Can You Play?

Quordle keeps the game fresh by offering new words every day. However, you’ll only get four words to guess each day. It’s not a game that you can play indefinitely in a single day. After you’ve made your guesses, you’ll have to wait for the next day to receive a new set of hidden words. While the developers provide four words daily, each player can play the game only once a day. So, make your moves wisely and aim for victory.

Where to Play Quordle Com?

You can play Quordle online on their official website by following this link. Whether you prefer using a PC, mobile phone, laptop, or tablet, you can access the game on any device with a reliable internet connection. So, if you meet the requirements, you’re all set to start enjoying Quordle from anywhere.


This article has provided you with a comprehensive guide on how to play Quordle. It’s an exciting game that offers mental stimulation and pleasure as you work to solve it. So, why wait? Start your Quordle journey by visiting this link and immerse yourself in the world of word guessing.

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1. What’s the correct spelling of the game, Qourdle or Quordle?

The correct spelling is ‘Quordle,’ not ‘Qourdle.’

2. How many chances do I have to guess the words in Quordle?

You have nine chances to guess all four words correctly in Quordle.

3. Can I play Quordle multiple times in a single day?

No, you can only play Quordle once a day. You’ll receive a new set of words to guess every day.

4. Where can I play Quordle?

You can play Quordle online on their official website at www.quordle.com.

5. Is Quordle available on mobile devices?

Yes, you can play Quordle on your mobile phone, tablet, laptop, or PC, as long as you have a good internet connection.

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