Queencitydom.com Real Or Fake What is Queencitydom.com?

by Glenn Maxwell

The covid pandemic hasn’t yet affected the whole world. However, the earth has experienced a lot of challenges since this past year. The Covid Vaccine was created during a period of almost twelve months. Very couple of people experience negative effects after finding the vaccine. These negative effects really don’t appear within 48 hrs. However, some influencers in the U . s . States and Canada experienced side effects to vaccination. Her treatment seemed to be funded with a GoFundMe page. This information will explain at length whether this Queencitydom.com is real or fake.

What’s Queencitydom.com?

Dominique De Silva, an influencer and creator of Queencitydom.com (@queencitydom), produced Queencitydom.com. On March 18, 2021, she received her first dose Pfizer COVID-19 vaccination. She felt ill while enjoying brunch together with her family. She’s since settled lower. She falls ill again two days later. She felt a dreadful discomfort in her own legs. Her brain couldn’t support her walking and she or he struggled walking. She visited the doctors, coupled with several tests. But she was unable to rely on them. Doctors cannot give a precise answer. She also shared her situation on Queen City Dom’s Instagramaccount page and GoFundMe page

It required her lots of effort to obtain the right solution. Within the finish, she discovered there are many us citizens along with other countries who have a similar problem. She made the decision to produce a blog to be able to spread awareness. Queencitydom.com was created.

Additional Information on Her Posts:

After two days of vaccination, De Silva encounters a number of signs and symptoms. They’re also not brought on by the vaccine. Doctors stated that there’s no recourse of those reactions in the covid vaccine. De Silva claimed she was experiencing side effects after using the covid vaccination. Are you currently a covid vaccine user?Queencitydom.com Real Or Fake?

She also endured from paralysis, tremors, along with other signs and symptoms. Within our research, we found videos of her trembling and battling just to walk in hospital beds. She also added a voice-over, saying she’d never hide her feelings. Based on GoFundMe, she was not able to handle other signs and symptoms for 2 days after her vaccination.

Most negative effects in the vaccine occur within 48 hrs. These signs and symptoms were only discovered by her after two days. These signs and symptoms may not be as apparent while you think.

Public Response to Queen City Dom Tok:

She’s a social networking influencer, so she acquired huge recognition. She received an enormous response and elevated money as much as 10, 000 dollars. She was vaccinated March 18th. After having suffered with the negative signs and symptoms, she published about her situation on This summer 17, 2017. There can be some doubt regarding her adverse signs and symptoms. Other social networking accounts, for example tik tok, were also setup by her and received tremendous responses. These signs and symptoms couldn’t be because of the covid vaccination, based on many.

Final Verdict:

We are able to draw the final outcome that Queencitydom.com is Fake and she or he might have battled a great deal. These signs and symptoms couldn’t be because of the covid vaccination. Negative effects usually appear within 48 hrs. These negative effects aren’t because of vaccination, doctors described.

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