Requirement of Dedicated IP For Website, And Can VPS Bulgaria Complete That Demand?

by Glenn Maxwell

VPS Bulgaria

An IP address is assigned to each domain name. You will be directed directly to your website if you enter your IP address.

It’s similar to your home’s address. The lesson to your home corresponds to your IP address. However, You may have to add a dedicated IP address to your order if your Bulgaria VPS hosting package does not include one.

In this article, you’ll learn what an IP address is, how it differs from a shared IP address, and why you might need one for your website. And also does VPS Hosting come with a Dedicated IP in Bulgaria?

What You Need To Know About Dedicated IP Addresses

Hosting a website on a shared server brings up a common controversy: Do you need a dedicated IP address for your website, or is it okay to use a shared one instead? However, The use of a dedicated IP address provides several benefits, but let’s begin by defining it.

What is a dedicated IP address?

The Internet Protocol assigns an IP address to any machine connected to a network. The IP address identifies a machine or a website in a given network and provides valid location information.

How does a shared IP address differ from a dedicated IP address?

Dedicated IP addresses are different from shared IP addresses. A single web server hosts several websites that use multiple IP addresses. Web servers should parse the user’s request to find the correct website. The website has its address by having a dedicated IP address, and you can access the website using either an IP address or domain name.

The Advantages of Having Dedicated IP For Your Website

VPS Bulgaria 1

1. Enhanced Reliability

Hosting on a shared server is like a stack of dominoes. One lousy user can bring the whole thing crashing down.

Fortunately, shared hosting will soon become obsolete. Hosts are increasingly overselling their servers and adding customers one after another. This will eventually lead to poor reliability and the disappearance of these services.

2. Resources devoted to it

Your Bulgaria VPS hosting is similar to a dedicated server in that all resources are entirely yours. On top of that, a VPS offers much more RAM and CPU than a shared hosting account.

What does this mean for you?

You can run a more significant number of apps while handling more traffic. This is possible without requiring more spending, resulting in a win-win situation.

3. Enhanced efficiency through a green platform

Eco-friendly technology and green hosting have gained much traction in recent years. You should reduce your carbon footprint as much as possible as a result.

The help of VPS Bulgaria will help you achieve your goal.

A dedicated Bulgarian VPS means you have unlimited access to the server’s resources. In addition, you are the only person or business that benefits from the power consumption of that server.

4. Enhanced performance

You can achieve a much higher level of performance by dedicating more resources to the particular needs of your business. Due to increased processing power and capacity, your website loads faster on visitors’ computers. Increased engagement leads to increased conversion rates and an increase in SERP ranking.

5. Instantly increase resources

A website that plans to grow in size will require the ability to scale hosting resources without any downtime or technical issues.

Hosting using a container gives you a virtual private server (VPS). According to the package you purchase, a specific number of resources are allocated to the container.

With containers, you can quickly and easily allocate fewer or more resources.

6. Full-service management

Think again if you consider upgrading to a VPS Bulgaria means you have to maintain your server. Most hosting companies provide VPS hosting, which they take care of.

updates and maintenance for both hardware and software Will always be provided by the quality Web hosting provider. Patches for security will also be fed regularly. You may want to look for another provider if the one you’re considering doesn’t offer this service.

7. Grow your business while saving money

Many people underestimate the affordability of Bulgaria VPS  Hostings will continue to decline.

While it varies from provider to provider, switching to a VPS Bulgaria can save you quite a bit of money. You should compare rates before selecting a provider since this will affect the amount you will pay each month.

Other Benefits That Comes with VPS Bulgaria

VPS Bulgaria

  • Complete Control
  • Complete Isolation
  • Root Access
  • Scalable
  • Customizable
  • Control Panel
  • High Speed
  • Flexible
  • High Uptime
  • Storage on a Bulgaria VPS server is limited.

Does Serverwala’s VPS Bulgaria Come with a dedicated IP?

Yes, Serverwala VPS Bulgaria comes with a dedicated IP and You can choose their hosting platform for your resource-hungry multi-media sites as well as a reliable development environment for any upcoming projects.

In addition, SSD drives ensure lightning-fast reading and writing speeds for our virtual private servers.

A 99.90% network uptime warranty is also included with every VPS Server. When you sign up for a VPS Bulgaria, you can also choose the Operating System and the Control Panel, such as the web hosting control panel for free, DirectAdmin for a fee, or cPanel (a license is required).


We hope you now understand dedicated IP addresses, the benefits they can bring, and how they differ from shared IP addresses.

At least while your site is still young, you may not need to upgrade to a dedicated IP address. A dedicated server, on the other hand, might be worth the investment if you want improved speed, security, and direct access to your Bulgarian VPS server.

If you’re looking for much better site benefits, you may consider upgrading to a dedicated hosting environment with an included dedicated IP address.

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