Roger Moore Cause Of Death – What Did Roger Moore Die Of?

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Roger Moore Cause Of Death

The world of cinema mourned the passing of a true legend on May 23, 2017. Sir Roger Moore, renowned for his iconic portrayal of James Bond, left behind not only a legacy of unforgettable film moments but also a tale of bravery and resilience in the face of health adversities.

Exploring Sir Roger Moore’s Health Challenges

It wasn’t just cancer that took Sir Roger Moore from us; his health journey over the years comprised numerous challenges. In 2013, he became recognized with Type 2 diabetes, which hindered his capability to bask in martinis. Diabetes is a continual circumstance as a consequence of the frame’s incapacity to use glucose well, either due to the pancreas no longer generating any or sufficient insulin.

Battling Pneumonia and Learning to Walk Again

In 2012, another health scare arose. After contracting pneumonia, Sir Roger faced the daunting task of learning to walk again. This wasn’t his first encounter with this ailment. When he was just five, pneumonia had him on the brink of death. This bacterial infection causes the lung tissue to swell, filling the alveoli with fluid and hindering the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide.

Heart Issues and Indomitable Spirit

Did Roger Moore Have Other Health Issues? Yes. In addition to his bout with pneumonia and diabetes, Sir Roger also suffered from heart issues. He had a pacemaker fitted after a collapse on stage. Such health scares might have deterred some, but Sir Roger’s spirit was indefatigable.

A Battle With Prostate Cancer and Skin Cancer

What Kind of Cancer Did Sir Roger Moore Suffer From? While the exact type of cancer that plagued Sir Roger in his final days remains unconfirmed, his past health records shed some light. In 1993, he battled prostate cancer, present process an intensive prostatectomy to get rid of the prostate gland. Fortunately, he made a healing.

Furthermore, his love for the sun in his youngsters resulted in numerous skin cancer diagnoses in his later years. In an interview with The Sun, he confessed his regret for not heeding warnings about the dangerous effects of sunbathing. “Every leading man was sunburned,” he recounted, explaining how sunburns were often a shortcut to avoid makeup on sets.

The Private Battle

Was The Public Aware Of His Battle With Cancer? Until the sad announcement of his passing in Switzerland, the depth of Sir Roger Moore’s battle with cancer wasn’t widely known. The statement from his family described the ordeal as a “short but brave battle,” underlining the unexpectedness of his demise.

Honoring Sir Roger Moore’s Legacy

How Did The Family Choose To Honor His Legacy? Respecting Sir Roger Moore’s wishes, the family opted for a private funeral in Monaco. While this means that many fans and colleagues couldn’t bid a personal farewell, it’s a reminder of the actor’s wish for intimacy and privacy, even in death.

Sir Roger Moore’s legacy isn’t merely limited to his exceptional acting prowess. His story of battling multiple health challenges with courage reminds us of the human behind the star. His resilience, paired with his unparalleled contribution to cinema, ensures that he will always be remembered and celebrated.


In the end, Sir Roger Moore’s passing marked the end of an era in cinema. He wasn’t just a beloved actor but a symbol of resilience and determination in the face of health adversities. From diabetes to pneumonia, from heart issues to battles with cancer, he faced it all with unwavering strength. His decision for a private funeral highlights his desire for privacy, even in death. Sir Roger Moore’s legacy will forever shine bright in the world of entertainment, reminding us of the human spirit’s ability to overcome the most challenging obstacles.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What was the exact cause of Sir Roger Moore’s death?

– The exact cause of Sir Roger Moore’s death remains unconfirmed, but he battled various health issues, including cancer, in his later years.

2. How did Sir Roger Moore cope with Type 2 diabetes?

– Sir Roger Moore’s battle with Type 2 diabetes affected his ability to enjoy martinis, as it hindered his body’s ability to use glucose effectively.

3. Did Sir Roger Moore face health issues during his career?

– Yes, in addition to diabetes, he also battled pneumonia, heart issues, and various forms of cancer.

4. What kind of cancer did Sir Roger Moore have?

– While the exact type of cancer remains unconfirmed, he battled prostate cancer and skin cancer in the past.

5. Why did the family opt for a private funeral for Sir Roger Moore?

– The family chose a private funeral in Monaco to honor Sir Roger Moore’s wish for intimacy and privacy, even in death.

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