How I Screwed the Cube to Travel the World!

by Glenn Maxwell

I believe back again on my small previous existence similar to a distant desire. I had been a business drone, doing work the 9-5 in a 3 sided cubicle, flanked by other robots pursuing purchases.

3 years earlier, I established an ambition personally – I would say goodbye to my unexciting work, my unexciting lifestyle, remove all my material belongings and vacation the world. That seems like a fairly lofty new year’s solution, right?

Well I managed to get happen and I am likely to let you know the way i made it happen.

The Way I Screwed the Cube to Travel the World

I have got expended the past two years as being a electronic digital nomad.

I have traveled to in excess of 20 places, had incredible encounters, and developed an effective organization while traveling. I’m not bound to a desk each day, I establish my hrs and vacation when I want. Read about a number of encounters I have had:

  • Celebrated Holi Festivity in India
  • Hiked through the Isle of Skye in Scotland
  • Rode camels from the pyramids of Giza
  • Stayed in the tallest resort in Dubai
  • Drank dark beer at Oktoberfest in Munich
  • Swam from the Azure Lagoon in Iceland
  • Made long term friends from around the globe

Here’s where to start if you’re aching for a new adventure and want to screw the cube like I did:

1. Find Your Why

The main reason why individuals do not adhere to their set goals or stick to their desires is because they haven’t discovered their ‘why’. The ‘why’ in your own life is definitely the explanation you are going after something and what is going to make you stay heading.

If my ‘why’ was to just to travel and see the world, it wouldn’t have continued to motivate me and keep me going. My ‘why’ was that I planned to are living a location independent way of life; I wanted to create an existence along with a business that I was proud of, and although also possessing culturally enhancing experiences in the process.

Consider what your ‘why’ is. What is going to always keep driving you even when you’re shattered, you are dealing with Dublin these bugs, and tired with staying in the hundredth hostel? Digital nomad way of life isn’t simple. There are ups, but also plenty of downs. Your ‘why’ is what helps to keep pushing you ahead.

2. Crack It Down

While in my 8-10 several weeks of preparing, I set up milestones for myself. One of the most essential milestones, was constructing a organization that might supply me revenue as i traveled.

Naturally, I needed to locate a thing that would allow me to operate anywhere. After exploring several occupation trails out, I paid out on web development.

Now, once i started out, I did not know how to rule, I rarely understood just what the expression “WordPress” designed. I spent each and every waking up timestudying and learning, and using personally to my new business.

Furthermore, i experienced issues inside my private existence that needed to be categorized. Such as an condo full of materialistic junk that offered me no joy or satisfaction in everyday life. I distributed it all. My girlfriends would plan visits on my schedule to come by and raid my cabinet. I placed every thing I could possibly on Craigslist and pocketed the additional funds.

By using a direction for my company, I focused on honing a art and creating a customer base. I sold my stuff, not only because it would make it easier to travel and would add to my savings, but then I would only have the new life ahead of me and nothing remaining in the old.

3. Produce a Tough Spending budget

I recognized that we was used to a particular lifestyle using a regular paycheck and benefits, thus i started getting rid of the fluff to save money.

You can forget consuming shopping, bars and out health spa time, all of it went the windowpane. I even became an Uber vehicle driver for a tad; but was not very good at it even though.

I even kept to my budget while I was vacationing. I could possibly only invest $50 a day which were required to consist oflodging and transportation, and food items (when you haven’t go through Nomadic Matt’s publication – The best way to Journey the World on $50 every day, buy it now! ). Surprisingly, I surely could lower your expenses cash while on a trip in comparison with surviving in Kansas City, Missouri!

4. Established Your Stick and Goals for them

Getting the Type A person that I am just, I had a set arrange for every step of the way while I ready to jet establish around the world. I recognized I had 8-10 months until my lease contract for my condominium was up. This meant I had less than a year to save money, create a enterprise, sell every thing, and stop my job.

The due dates I developed for myself personally had been set in natural stone. It’s what maintained me determined. Once I was homeless and unemployed there wouldn’t be a lot of time to “find myself” or “figure things out.? i knew that?

5. Guide the Trip and Don’t Look Back

Mar 21st, 2016 (or I fondly reference as 3-2-1) may be the time I bundled my bags, changed within the secrets to my condo and shut the doorway on my earlier cubicle existence. I was also excited, though i was scared and apprehensive.

My work in the last seven weeks have been eventually arriving at fruition. I was chasing my dream of residing a spot impartial way of living.

Stopping every thing to be a electronic nomad is absolutely alarming. You will be kissing goodbye a world of luxuries as well as simple residing to trek into an not known community. I never imagined than it as letting go of my entire life.

I only regarded what I was achieving, and that i was gathering meeting and experiences people from all of parts of society. That is how I made a worldwide firm.


Forcing beyond the concern and continuing, regardless if I wanted to stop, is really what got me to into the profitable businessman that I am right now. I expended the start of the season residing in Portugal, combined with India, whilst operating.

Within the last 2 months, I’ve been surviving in Neukolln, a fashionable community of Berlin. Now, I am experiencing snowboarding season in Breckenridge, Colorado. The planet is actually your oyster!

Here is a brief recap regarding how I attached the cube traveling the globe:

  • Find your why
  • Break it lower
  • Produce a rigid spending budget
  • Set your desired goals and adhere to them
  • Reserve the air travel and do not think back

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