Senior Living Options to Consider Early

by Carter Toni

Some of the living options require planning, and there are waiting lists that mean you or your loved ones won’t simply be moved into the retirement village or elderly care option of your choice. It will pay to be as informed as you can be as early as you need to be so that there is time to visit possible places and ensure that you are on the waiting lists in time. Here are some of the options that will require some pre-thinking and planning.

Then, with an understanding of each aged care Melbourne type, you need a similar knowledge of the elderly care needs or prospective care needs and simply match these needs with the specific type of care available in your geographic area.

Assisted in community living

It is, as it says, living with assistance in a community of those who are of similar ages. Sometimes for specific reasons, and other times there is a general understanding that the accommodation comes with medical, emotional, or social support.

Independent, in community living

This is living independently in any housing or apartments designed specifically for senior living for those who want to and can live independently. There is an emphasis on socialization and a physical environment that is suited to the elderly who live there.

Residential care home

Where elderly residents are cared for in a home setting, generally there are small groups of adults, and the care option is in a home setting with meals provided alongside assistance with daily activities.

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Continuing care retirement community

This is where a couple or person moves into a retirement community that also has options for elderly care. The idea is to move into a place where you will not have to leave and the specific medical care you or your spouse may need is also provided.

Memory care assisted living

This is assisted living for those who have dementia, including Alzheimer’s, and need memory care. It is a specific type of care and will include 24/7 emergency medical response and the daily activities and support.

Care organizations and homes offer one of the care types mentioned herein, and then also those examples like Bella Terra senior living who offer a combination of the care types. It is a complicated terrain of care, but only until you do the reading and understand what each type can offer.

There are so many options and having as much advice as possible as early as possible is important. This article focuses on the fact that the earlier these choices are made, the better so that the numbers/statistics show that demand is increasing faster than supply and the resultant situation is likely to be elderly who do not get their first choice of living option. Plan early, check availability, go and visit the options we have listed above, and you will be pleasantly surprised at how simple the transition to an assisted living facility can be, either for yourself or an older relative.

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