Silk Boss Missing: What Really Happened to Silk Boss?

by Moore Martin

Silk Boss Missing

Jamaican musician Silk Boss has been missing since December 3, 2023, after leaving a recording studio. There are no confirmed sightings, and police are investigating. Official information about his whereabouts is still awaited.

The Disappearance of Silk Boss

Silk Boss, the well-known Jamaican dancehall artist, has been reported missing since December 3, 2023. The news of his disappearance first surfaced when a concerned fan shared a video expressing worry about Silk Boss’s well-being. According to the reports, Silk Boss was last seen on December 2, leaving a recording studio in Kingston, Jamaica.

He was expected to meet a friend for dinner that night but failed to show up. Despite these reports circulating online, it’s essential to note that the information has not been officially confirmed by law enforcement authorities or other official sources. The lack of official confirmation has led to widespread speculation and discussions among fans about the circumstances surrounding Silk Boss’s disappearance.

Who is Silk Boss?

Silk Boss, whose real name is Rohan Reid, is a well-known Jamaican musician, rapper, and social media star. Born on December 11, 2001, in Montego Bay, Jamaica, Silk Boss gained fame for his heartfelt songs such as “Stay to Myself,” “Life Story,” and “Nah Leave.” At a young age, he leads the Ice Nation Group and has faced challenges in his upbringing, which he transforms into powerful and relatable music. Silk Boss is currently in a relationship with Brii, a fellow YouTuber, and keeps details about his family private.

Full Name Rohan Reid (Silk Boss)
Date of Birth December 11, 2001
Age 21 years
Birthplace Montego Bay, Jamaica
Nationality Jamaican
Profession Musician, Rapper, Social Media Star
Label Terro ChopCity Records X Silverbirds Records

Silk Boss’s Musical Journey

Rohan Reid’s passion for becoming a rapper dates back to his high school days, where he honed his rapping and writing skills. Silk Boss signed with Terro ChopCity Records X Silverbirds Records label, marking a significant step in his musical journey. Rising to fame with hit songs like “Life Story,” “Stay to Myself,” and “Nah Leave,” Silk Boss creates music in the Reggae and Afrobeats genres.

Notably, he released the album “Life Story” in 2022, featuring tracks like “Pain,” “Hold On,” “Paranoid,” “Thug Cry,” “Feelings,” and the title track. Silk Boss actively engages in live performances, brand promotions, and has a presence on social media platforms, including Instagram and Spotify, where he has verified accounts.

Silk Boss’s Discography

Album: “Life Story” (2022)

  • Pain
  • Hold On
  • Paranoid
  • Thug Cry
  • Feelings
  • Life Story


  • Lonely Road
  • Easy Kill
  • Bad People
  • Rapid
  • Misunderstanding
  • Geet Weh
  • So Cold
  • Trust
  • Mankind

Silk Boss’s Age and Achievements

Silk Boss, born on December 11, 2001, is a 21-year-old Jamaican musician and rapper known for his impactful songs like “Stay to Myself,” “Life Story,” and “Nah Leave.” Rising to fame, he leads the Ice Nation Group and has faced challenges, turning them into relatable music. With notable achievements in the music industry, Silk Boss has established himself as a prominent figure in Jamaican music, captivating audiences with his heartfelt lyrics and unique style.

Silk Boss’s Net Worth

Living a lavish lifestyle in Jamaica, Silk Boss enjoys the fruits of his successful career. With a net worth estimated at around USD 2 million, he has invested in a posh home, a new car, and indulges in accessories like diamond chains and rings. His income streams include singing, rapping, YouTube videos, and social media engagements, contributing to his flourishing financial status.

The Mystery of Silk Boss’s Disappearance

Silk Boss, a famous Jamaican music artist, is missing, and this news is making many people worried on the internet. Some say he was last seen on December 2, leaving a music studio in Kingston, Jamaica, and was supposed to have dinner with a friend that night.

However, these details are not confirmed by the police or other official sources yet. People are guessing different things online, like some think something bad might have happened to him, while others believe he might have decided to hide for personal reasons. Since there is no official information, everyone is waiting for updates from the authorities to know what really happened to Silk Boss.

Silk Boss Missing – FAQs

  1. Why is Silk Boss Missing? Silk Boss is reported missing since December 3, 2023; details surrounding his disappearance remain unconfirmed.
  2. Who is Silk Boss? Silk Boss, real name Rohan Reid, is a Jamaican musician and rapper born on December 11, 2001.
  3. What is Silk Boss’s Career? Silk Boss is a rapper signed with Terro ChopCity Records, known for hits like “Stay to Myself” and “Life Story.”
  4. What is Silk Boss’s Age? Silk Boss is 21 years old, born on December 11, 2001.
  5. What is Silk Boss’s Net Worth? Silk Boss’s net worth is estimated at around USD 2 million.

If you’re eager to stay updated on the Silk Boss situation, remember to keep an eye on official news sources for any developments.

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