Similarities Between SSC CPO and IB ACIO Exams!

by Glenn Maxwell

SSC CPO is a national-level examination. The Staff Selection Commission conducts SSC CPO exam to recruit candidates for the Central Police Organization. A candidate preparing for the SSC CPO examination is only eligible to sit for the exam if they have completed a Bachelor’s degree from a reputed university.

On the other hand, IB ACIO exams stand for Intelligence Bureau Assistant Central Intelligence Officer. This examination is for the graduation level and officer post in a premium government job. The Ministry of home affairs conducts this examination. Any candidate who has passed higher secondary can apply for this examination.

With its reputation so high and salary higher, the entrance exam for this job is more challenging. Preparing for this examination might be a turning point in your career. Therefore, choosing the proper exam is necessary. You might also be confused about these two examinations because they are the highest remunerative jobs in the government sector. Getting selected for one of these jobs will sky-rocket your career.

BYJU’s Exam Prep has all the necessary information for you and knows the syllabus precisely. It is essential to know all the information and prepare for the best. These exams need a lot of preparation and patience. Clearing one of them and getting into this field will undoubtedly make your career. It is required to consider all the necessities to ace this demanding exam. One should always know the dos and don’ts to crack the examinations of SSC CPO and IB ACIO.

While some wonder about the differences and similarities between SSC CPO and IB ACIO, here are a list of similarities between them –

  • Government job: As mentioned earlier, the SSC CPO and IB ACIO are the most lucrative government sector jobs. SSC CPO candidates are for the Central Police Organization, and the IB ACIO candidates are for the Intelligence Bureau.
  • Eligibility: SSC CPO and IB ACIO have a minimum age limit for candidates to apply. A candidate should fall under the age group to appear for this examination.
  •  Held annually:  Both examinations occur once every year. These exams fill the vacant posts of the various ministers and organisations.
  • Qualifications: Candidates should have the required qualifications to appear for this examination. Each candidate should be qualified enough to appear for this examination. Both SSC CPO and IB ACIO have mentioned the required qualifications for the candidates to apply for the tests above.
  • Age relaxation: SSC CPO and IB ACIO offer age relaxation for reserved categories. The age limit for the SC, ST and OBCs is not the same as the general category. The SC ( Schedule caste),  ST (Schedule Tribe), and OBC ( Other Backward Classes) have age relaxation.
  • Number of Attempts: There is no limit on the number of attempts in SSC CPO and IB ACIO. A candidate who has failed on the first try can appear again in the coming year. Candidates can only appear in the exam if they fall under the required age limit.
  • Gender: Both IB ACIO and SSC CPO are suitable for any gender. They do not differentiate between any gender and are not at all gender-biased. These posts offer the same facilities and have the exact requirements for every gender.

The IB ACIO and SSC CPO examinations can be an essential step toward your career. Applying for it at the right age, with the proper preparations, can take you to heights. Therefore, it is important to note every step correctly and be attentive in preparing and applying for this examination. It would help if you continuously focused on developing your skills which may eventually lead to a successful career in these fields.

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