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If you’re a brand or an influencer, Instagram should be among the most popular marketing platforms. With Instagram you can be noticed when you approach your posts strategically. It is also possible to get exhausted and give up quickly. Today, the majority of users are looking to purchase genuine Instagram followers and followers to test and increase their number. Here are the top websites to buy IG likes:


LeoBoost is a legitimate website that sells genuine likes for a reasonable price to Instagram users looking to increase their engagement and visibility. We’ve tried their likes service and found that the genuine accounts’ likes service that they offer LeoBoost top-quality services is completed within a matter of minutes. A few benefits you can get with their services are:

  • Affordable and Top-quality Quality

LeoBoost provides the most cost-effective service by allowing their clients to select the number of likes they wish to have unlike other websites which sell packages. LeoBoost’s likes are verified as genuine active users, which will enhance your presence and boost engagement.

  • Security

Payment options comprise PayPal, Mastercard, and Visa with cutting-edge technology, such as Recaptcha, PCI, and SSL. The procedure is authenticated discrete, secure, and 100 100% secure.

  • Quick Supply

If you purchase a set of IG likes through LeoBoost and your accounts begin in the first few minutes after you have confirmed your purchase.

  • 24Hr Support

Their customer support is always on hand to help customers solve their problems and address any questions.

LeoBoost offers authentic likes at an incredibly quick speed. The prices are reasonable in comparison to the quality they offer.


The site offers a variety of features like Gender and Country Targeting that make their service unique. They offer customers quality likes from active Ig users. Benefits of Stormlikes include:

  • Instant delivery after placing an purchase.
  • Real likes.
  • Prices at a bargain.

The features that are included in the same features are:

  • Gender-specific targeting – get likes from your preferred gender.
  • Country targeting – Receive likes from people in the country of your choice.
  • Similar views will receive the same number of views and views that are similar to those.
  • Professional support.


This website has a dedicated team of experts who study Instagram to determine the most value-for-money options at low costs. The general rule is that the numbers of users should be proportional to the number of likes.

Buzzoid vs Poprey has a long history of experience working with different websites for social networking. They have more than 10,000 satisfied customers. Some of them are well-known influencers. They sell likes as packages that are based on your requirements.

4.Mr. Insta

Mr. Insta guarantees their customers the delivery of their results within 2472 hours and is available until they are completed. There is no need for an account password or a continuous subscription to use their services. They provide 24 hour customer support and offer buyers the possibility of refills. The benefits of purchasing Ig Likes on Mr.Insta include:

  • Enhancing your ranking on the hashtags you’d like to be featured in.
  • Others on IG are more likely to read, like and even comment on your blog posts.
  • The Mr. Insta always delivers more than you can buy.
  • Each order is fulfilled within 24 hours of the date of confirmation of the payment.


It is easy to use to explore the different packages of Instagram likes available, starting with 200 likes. All you have to do is select your preferred option and pay for it. Benefits of their packages include:

  • Likes start processing 15 minutes after payment confirmation.
  • 24/7 customer support.
  • Rapid boosting of posts to ensure your account is secure against being blocked.
  • Privacy policy: We will not share your personal information on the site.
  • You can try out Ig likes for free before making a purchase.

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The services they offer provide the opportunity to boost your Instagram profile, delivering real likes that have the ability to reach, engage and interactions. The Likes are sold as packages that are delivered in just the span of a few seconds via an entirely automated system. Famoid assures instant delivery of each order. The benefits of their service include:

  • Security and privacy at its best for your personal information, including usernames, email addresses and even phone numbers.
  • Active and real-time likes.
  • An increase of approximately 20% of your followers will be visible to your Instagram Explore page.

Famoid claims it is 100% sure that profiles from likes you get come from real people. The only issue is that the growth rate could be slow, but it’s real.


ViralRace is a high-quality service that allows you to like authentic actively active Instagram profiles. The services they provide are top quality, and they do not use fake accounts. Once you purchase the account and the likes start to reflect on your posts within just a few hours, and can last for several days. The rate of retention of likes is extremely high and the method of transaction are secure and safe. The company sells likes in packages beginning at 50 likes. If you have any questions you have 24/7 customer support.


The great thing about the Poprey services is that you are able to purchase a trial account with 25 likes prior to when you purchase. They will send you likes right upon the payment has been confirmed. They’re permanent as well as the account is genuine appearing and long-lasting. The likes they receive can boost your popularity, which makes the algorithm display your content to more people.


It is among the top likes and social media marketing service providers. The major benefit of using Kickliker is that it offers various packages available. They vary in terms of the quality, location and other aspects that buyers might require. They include:

  • Reach and Likes: These are made up of real accounts and bots. They’re of high-quality and will increase your likes reach and impressions statistics.
  • Standard Likes – The only distinction between these two packages and previous package is the impact they have on your metrics. Standard likes aren’t much of an impact on your metrics.
  • Fast Likes

The most important thing is that your Instagram account be accessible to all users and feature an avatar. You don’t have to divulge you Instagram password.

10.Soclikes Companies

Soclikes gives you authentic likes from real, active users, which will aid in increasing your stats. The site does not use bots which could make your account blocked. When you place an order using the range of packages and services, a team of specialists immediately starts working on your website. Results will begin showing in your account after 24 hours. After the maximum of five days, your purchase is complete.


They have a variety of packages at various prices. They also accept payments via PayPal that is recognized internationally as safe. You can purchase basic likes and VIP likes in which you can get such likes through premium accounts, which are in active use with many other users. To be able to use the services of their site, you account has to be open for public access. They offer the social media platform to help you achieve long-term benefits.


It’s a social media marketing company that sells affordable Instagram likes that are delivered instantly. They also provide the opportunity to test their service for free to demonstrate the value of their service before you buy. The range of packages offered begins at 500 likes, and then goes up towards 100,000. This platform provides your posts with the chance to be seen by thousands and even millions of people. Once you have confirmed the payment for an order, the results begin appearing within an hours. These results are a result generated by active users.


Zeru is a group of experts in social media with experience in advertising businesses through social media. They provide their customers with three types of packages:

  • Starter Packages – 100 likes
  • The Standard Packages, 1000 Likes
  • Pro Packages – 10,000 likes

The delivery time is fast and their 24-hour professional support is excellent. You can test their free trial before purchasing any genuine likes on high-quality profiles.


FluidBuzz offers a unique service by offering customers two options to select from. These include:

  • Instant Likes, a one-time purchase that lets likes are streaming in minutes.
  • Automatic Likes – a tool that will automatically send you an equal amount of likes, as well as uploads tony of your uploaded photos for a period of 30 days. It can only work on only three posts each day.

FluidBuzz offers quality likes. And in the event that you don’t receive your order, you’re sure to get your money back.

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