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by TechloverSAhmad

New Social Platforms are rolled out on the play store and the app store quite frequently. Amidst the vast crowd, very few social platforms are gaining tremendous momentum. Many are unable to drive people towards them and are struggling to increase the user base. We can find social media of various concepts in recent times. Notably, there are also social applications that focus on a particular niche. Another critical factor is that currently, people are spread across various channels. Now, we have many channels, such as OTT, where people spend considerable time. Hence, amidst the presence of multiple mediums to consume content, it is challenging for any social platform to increase its user base. The article will let you know about the social platforms that became a hit in recent times.


Twitch is one of the social platforms that is anticipated to attain great heights in the coming times. The platform has an impressive user base of over 40 million users in the United States of America. This is expected to rise much more in the coming times as live streaming applications are liked by most social media users in recent times. Twitch, a live-stream video game application, is quite popular among Generation Z. Trollishly, one of the dominant social media marketing firms. It is having well-researched blogs on Twitch and how it can be used for marketing purposes.


Clubhouse has gained massive popularity in recent times. The platform was first only limited to Apple users. Now, the application has been added to Android. It was introduced in the middle of April, and currently, it has more than ten million active users. Thus, there is a rapid rise in the user base of this social application. The platform has been currently utilized for various purposes such as education, education, productivity, and to gain knowledge on investments. As the application is being utilized for many purposes, it is expected to have a good rise in its user base in the coming times. We can find rooms for various topics on Clubhouse. This shows the diversity of this social application. Soon, we can also have influencers on this social platform, and marketers can utilize them for brand promotions. There may also be the rise of paid services that look similar to the buy TikTok views packages which are capitalized on for promotions on TikTok.


Storytel is an audio-content social application that is having a gradual rise in its user count. You can find many audiobooks on this application. This application is attracting people of all ages towards it. Children who are usually fond of stories are easily getting attracted to this application. This application also allows people to interact and share their interests. So, this makes it much more interactive. After the massive boom of Clubhouse, we can see an increasing trend of new applications that are audio-centric. Marketers feel that audio content may get consumed hugely in the coming times. Thus, Clubhouse is the social platform that leads to the inception of new audio-centric social applications.

Wrapping Up:  

Once in a while, any new social application is getting introduced and gaining a massive reach. Hence, the social media industry keeps on transforming consistently with time. So, understand this characteristic of the social media industry and uplift your reach accordingly.

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