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Sockies Masks Reviews Is Sockies Masks Legit?

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SockiesOfficial.com focuses on selling high-quality socks, and masks. SockiesOfficial.com sells three-layered masks, since it is within the fabric industry. SockiesOfficial is really a global presence around australia Nz, along with other countries. Sockies ships socks & masks worldwide at really low shipping-rates.

Are you currently searching for 3-layered masks with branded quality online? Read Sockies Masks Recommendations below.


SockiesOfficialmasks are washable, multiple-use, and machine-washable. They have a wire strip for covering onto your nose. The 3D design covers your whole face.

SockiesOfficial masks are outfitted with elastic ear bands which are adjustable and don’t need to be tied. SockiesOfficial Masks have an choice for PM2.5 filter inserts.

SockiesOfficial.com has 44 filter inserts and various masks. A few of these are:

  • Three-layered Single SockiesOfficial masks (different colours)
  • Pack of ten SockiesOfficial (same colours)
  • Pack of ten, fifty and hundred filter inserts.
  • Check Does Sockies Masks Authentic ?
  • Buy masks and socks at: https://SockiesOfficial.com.
  • Social Networking Links:incorporated in SockiesOfficial.com and @SockiesOfficial Instagram.
  • cost: ranges between $9.99 and 49.99
  • street address: not given. PO Box address: PO Box 379 Oatlands Nsw 2117 Australia.
  • Testimonials and Blogs: not based on SockiesOfficial.com.
  • Conditions And Terms: isn’t for auction on SockiesOfficial.com.
  • Online privacy policy Plagiarism: Plagiarism is pointed out within the Online privacy policies on the website.

Phone number: The dpi isn’t on SockiesOfficial.com.

Store locator: SockiesOfficial.com doesn’t have a store locator.

Delivery Based on where you are, it will require 2 to 4 week to provide socks and masks by SockiesOfficial.com.

Shipping Sockies Sockies Reviews It had been confirmed that SockiesOfficial.com ships socks or masks worldwide. Based on in which the item is situated, shipping costs can differ from $2.95 – $6.95.

Tracking difficult. To trace the transaction you have to contact customer services.

Return PolicyReturns for defective socks/masks recognized within fourteen days. For returns to become recognized, socks and masks don’t have to be worn.

Refunds You will simply be refunded the cost of socks or masks. The transportation charge isn’t incorporated within the refund. SockiesOfficial.com didn’t specify how and when the refund could be processed.

Current email address: support@sockiesofficial.com. It’s now accounted Sockies Masks Reviews.

Modes of Payment:via American stock exchange. Apple-Pay. G-Pay. JCB. MasterCard. PayPal. ShopifyPay. Visa in USD.

NewslettersSockiesOfficial.com cannot send newsletters.

Owner’s details There’s no info on the owner’s contact information. Their LinkedIn profile was pointed out by SockiesOfficial.com.


  • SockiesOfficial.com presently holds an SSL certificate
  • Purchase four masks and obtain yet another
  • Register at SockiesOfficial.com for the next 5%
  • SockiesOfficial.com – Free Delivery over $99.00


  • Poor web site design at SockiesOfficial.com.
  • SockiesOfficial.com didn’t provide information on the street address, telephone number, and terms.
  • Masks could be too costly

Is Sockies Masks Legit?

  • Creation by SockiesOfficial.com – May 24, 2018, at 01:55.17 AM
  • SockiesOfficial.com Last Updated on:25th, 2021 at 07:59.37 AM
  • SockiesOfficial.com Ends: Over the following Four Several weeks on 24th May 2022, at 01:55.17.
  • SockiesOfficial.com – Age: 3years 7 several weeks and 27days old
  • Trust Index SockiesOfficial.com could acquire a trust score 86%.
  • Original source:SockiesOfficial.com comes from the U . s . States.
  • Status for Blacklisting – SockiesOfficial.com isn’t blacklisted.
  • Suspicious Websites Closeness: 06/100, an optimistic highlight.
  • Connection SecuritySockiesOfficial.com uses HTMLS to transmit and retrieve data.
  • Sockies Masks About Hr Person:SockiesOfficial.com doesn’t list a specific contact name.
  • Social Relations: @sockiesofficial can be found on Facebook using more than 19,400 users.
  • Contact for that Owner:no specifics of who owns SockiesOfficial.com was provided.

Reviews by

Four SockiesOfficial.com website reviews indicate that it is the best website. SockiesOfficial.com doesn’t have product critiques.

SockiesOfficial.com’s masks weren’t rated on Instagram and Facebook. However, it absolutely was loved by more subscribers than 12,341.

SockiesOfficial.com includes a rank of two,128,000 on Alexa.


SockiesOfficial.com has been in existence online for a while, but expires May-2022. There might be masks which have been added lately because there are no reviews.

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