Starfield Leviathan IV Location Revealed on Reddit: Thanks to Reddit!

by Moore Martin

Starfield Leviathan IV Location Reddit

In this article, we will provide detailed information about Leviathan IV, a topic that has garnered significant interest on the internet. People are curious about Leviathan IV and where they can find it, as it has become a trending topic. So, let’s delve into the details of Leviathan IV and its location.

Introduction to Leviathan IV

Leviathan IV is a stony planet located within the Leviathan system. What makes this planet particularly intriguing is its Earth-like gravity, which measures at 0.68 times that of Earth. Despite being a rocky planet, Leviathan IV boasts a surprisingly temperate climate, creating a unique combination of habitable conditions and captivating rock formations that have captured the attention of scientists and explorers alike.

Leviathan IV in the Starfields

Leviathan IV is part of a larger group of planets known as the Starfields, with a total of 1694 planets residing in the Settled Systems. This classification highlights its position in the vast cosmos and underscores its significance among a network of celestial bodies. Within the Leviathan system, Leviathan IV orbits as a solid rock and mineral body.

Distinctive Features

With its gravitational pull measuring at 0.68 times that of Earth’s, Leviathan IV offers a unique experience when traversing its surface. What truly sets it apart, however, is its moderate atmosphere, defying expectations for a rocky world. This surprising characteristic is the result of a combination of atmospheric conditions and its location within the star’s habitable zone.

Scientific Interest

Leviathan IV’s atmospheric conditions, shaped by its gravitational pull and mild climate, make it an enticing destination for scientific research and the study of planetary formations. The planet’s location within the star’s habitable zone further adds to its allure. Researchers are keen to explore Leviathan IV due to its mild atmosphere and lessened gravitational pull, which present ideal conditions for various scientific endeavors.

Starfield – The Game

Bethesda Game Studios introduced Starfield during their 2018 E3 presentation. This action role-playing game marked a significant departure for Bethesda, being their first new intellectual property in nearly three decades. Set in a space-themed environment, Starfield made its debut on Windows and Xbox Series X/S on September 6, 2023, to widespread acclaim.

Critical Reception

Starfield received praise from critics for its action-packed gameplay, open-ended exploration, stunning graphics, immersive soundtrack, and improved technical performance compared to Bethesda’s previous titles. However, opinions varied widely when it came to the game’s novel and exploratory elements.


Leviathan IV, with its Earth-like gravity, moderate atmosphere, and unique geological features, presents an exciting opportunity for scientific exploration. Whether you’re an enthusiast of space-themed games like Starfield or a researcher seeking new frontiers, Leviathan IV is a celestial body that continues to captivate our imagination.


  1. Is Leviathan IV a real planet?
    • Yes, Leviathan IV is a real planet located within the Leviathan system.
  2. What makes Leviathan IV unique?
    • Leviathan IV’s Earth-like gravity and temperate climate set it apart from other rocky planets.
  3. Why is Leviathan IV of interest to scientists?
    • Scientists are intrigued by Leviathan IV’s atmospheric conditions and potential for scientific research.
  4. Where can I play the game Starfield?
    • Starfield is available on Windows and Xbox Series X/S.
  5. What did critics think of Starfield?
    • Critics praised Starfield for its gameplay, graphics, and technical performance, but opinions on its novel elements varied.

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