Breaking News: Nico Hischier Injury Update – Shocking Details Revealed!

by Moore Martin

Nico Hischier Injury Update

Nico Hischier, the New Jersey Devils’ captain, has been on the injured reserve since October 27 due to a hit from Buffalo Sabres’ player Connor Clifton, with an uncertain return date, and the team is prioritizing his recovery and well-being.


In the fast-paced world of professional ice hockey, injuries are an unfortunate reality. One such injury that has captured the attention of hockey fans is Nico Hischier’s. The captain of the New Jersey Devils has been sidelined since October 27, and the hockey world is eager to know when he will return to action. In this article, we’ll dive into the details of Nico Hischier’s injury update, explore his background, and provide insights into what happened and what to expect in the coming days.

Nico Hischier Injury Update

Nico Hischier’s absence from the Devils’ lineup is a cause for concern among fans and the team alike. The injury occurred during a game against the Buffalo Sabres when he received a hit from Connor Clifton, resulting in an illegal check to the head. Clifton’s actions did not go unnoticed by the NHL Player Safety, who handed him a two-game suspension.

However, the focus now is on Nico Hischier’s recovery. His return date remains uncertain, and the team is committed to allowing him to heal at his own pace. General manager Tom Fitzgerald has made it clear that they won’t rush Hischier’s return, prioritizing his well-being above all else.

Who is Nico Hischier?

Before delving deeper into Hischier’s injury, let’s take a moment to get to know the man behind the hockey stick. Nico Hischier is a Swiss professional ice hockey player who currently serves as the captain of the New Jersey Devils in the NHL. His journey to becoming an NHL captain is a remarkable one.

Hischier’s hockey career began in Switzerland, where he played for SC Bern before making a significant move to the Halifax Mooseheads in the QMJHL. His exceptional performance in the QMJHL caught the eye of scouts and fans alike, ultimately leading to him being the first Swiss player chosen first overall in the 2017 NHL Entry Draft by the New Jersey Devils.

Full Name Nico Hischier
Birthdate January 4, 1999
Birthplace Naters, Switzerland
Age 24
Family Father: Rino (Football for FC Naters)

Mother: Katja (Sports Teacher)

Brother: Luca (Hockey player for EHC Biel)

Sister: Nina (Former high-level volleyball player)

Height 6 feet
Weight 79 kg
Nationality Swiss
Position Ice Hockey Centre
NHL Team New Jersey Devils
Captaincy Named captain in 2021
Net Worth (2023) $5 Million (estimated)

Nico Hischier’s Age and Early Life

Nico Hischier was born on January 4, 1999, which makes him a 24-year-old Swiss professional ice hockey player. His journey in the world of hockey started in Switzerland, where he grew up in a family deeply connected to sports. His father, Rino, played football for FC Naters, while his mother, Katja, worked as a sports teacher. Nico is the youngest of three siblings, with an older brother, Luca, who plays hockey for EHC Biel, and a sister, Nina, who excelled in volleyball.

Growing up in Naters, where there were no ice rinks, Hischier’s mother took him and his brother to nearby Visp to learn to skate. This pivotal moment marked the beginning of their hockey journey, with Nico eventually shifting his focus from football to hockey, following in his brother’s footsteps.

Nico Hischier’s Career

Nico Hischier’s career in professional ice hockey has been nothing short of impressive. Starting in Switzerland, he gained recognition while playing for SC Bern before his move to the Halifax Mooseheads in the QMJHL. His skill set, which includes both offensive and defensive prowess, has contributed significantly to the New Jersey Devils’ success.

Hischier has also represented Switzerland in various international tournaments, such as the World Junior Championships and the IIHF World U18 Championships. Despite facing challenges like injuries along the way, Hischier’s resilience and talent have solidified his position as a prominent figure in professional ice hockey.

Nico Hischier’s Net Worth

As of 2023, Nico Hischier’s estimated net worth stands at $5 million, according to allfamousbirthday. Born in Naters, Switzerland, on January 4, 1999, Hischier has accumulated his wealth through a successful career in ice hockey. Standing at 6 feet tall and weighing 79 kg, he is well-known for his skills on the ice.

At just 24 years old, Hischier’s rise to fame in the world of ice hockey is nothing short of remarkable. While his exact earnings and financial details are not disclosed, his net worth serves as a testament to his dedication and achievements in the highly competitive realm of professional ice hockey.

Nico Hischier’s Family

The Hischier family’s strong athletic background has played a pivotal role in shaping Nico’s career and interests. Hailing from Naters, Switzerland, the family is deeply involved in sports. Nico’s father, Rino, and mother, Katja, have been key figures in his life. His older brother, Luca, continues to play hockey for EHC Biel in the NL, while his sister, Nina, achieved excellence in volleyball at a high level in Switzerland.

Growing up in a town without ice rinks, Nico’s mother’s determination to take him and his brother to nearby Visp to learn to skate proved to be a life-changing decision. The Hischier family’s emphasis on both football and hockey has undoubtedly had a significant influence on Nico’s path to becoming a professional ice hockey player.


In conclusion, Nico Hischier’s injury has left a void in the New Jersey Devils’ lineup, and fans are eagerly awaiting his return. While the exact timeline remains uncertain, one thing is clear: the team is prioritizing Hischier’s well-being, allowing him to recover at his own pace. As a key figure in the world of professional ice hockey, Hischier’s journey from his Swiss hometown to becoming an NHL captain is a testament to his dedication and talent.

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Nico Hischier Injury Update – FAQs

  1. What happened to Nico Hischier?
    • Nico Hischier suffered an injury on October 27 from a hit by Connor Clifton, placing him on the injured reserve.
  2. When did the injury occur?
    • The injury occurred on October 27 during a game against the Buffalo Sabres.
  3. What is the nature of Hischier’s injury?
    • Hischier’s injury resulted from an illegal check to the head by Connor Clifton.
  4. What actions were taken against Clifton for the hit?
    • Connor Clifton received a two-game suspension for the illegal hit on Nico Hischier.
  5. When can we expect Nico Hischier to return to play?
    • Hischier’s return date is uncertain, and the team is allowing him to recover at his own pace, prioritizing his well-being.

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