Start focusing on Google reviews

by Carter Toni

The importance of having up-to-date Google reviews is more central to the success of one’s business than one might think.

They can make or break any business, small or big.

Here are some reasons why you need to focus on Google reviews and how to develop a Google reviews strategy for your business.

1. Impact on local search results

The power Google holds on local search results is huge. If your business does not have a Google business account or if you have a very low star rating, it is very likely that you are not shown in local search results at all.

That translates directly to business opportunities lost.

2. Reviews are front and center in search results

Whenever anyone looks up a business online, their reviews are also there. There is no way one can prevent this from happening, so paying attention to getting recent and positive reviews will pay off immediately.

Furthermore, if your reviews are not top-notch at the moment, improving them now will bear fruit in the long run as well when your overall rating rises.

3. Reviews are digital word of mouth

Because people buy a lot online these days, and still want to verify that a business can be trusted, they really heavily on reviews others have written.

In fact, many consumers trust online reviews as much as recommendations from friends and family.

4. Google reviews impact conversion rates

The companies that have added reviews to their website, for example, with a Google review widget, get more leads and sales directly from their website.

This is because potential customers are provided with the much-needed social proof while they are on the website, so they do not have to leave the site to look for this information elsewhere.

Create a review strategy – not just a response strategy

As having Google reviews is important, it is also important to have a strategy to:

  1. Get Google reviews – constantly
  2. Manage reviews
  3. Get the most out of positive Google reviews

There are a few things to keep in mind when creating a review strategy.

1. Keep your Google business profile up-to-date

Let us start with the basics. Keep your business profile up-to-date. If your opening hours change, change them in Google as well.

If there is any new information available, add that as well. This is the first step to getting good reviews in the future.

In case your opening hours are wrong or the profile lacks information in general, potential customers are quick to move on to your competitor instead.

Or leave you a bad review if they show up at your location, but you are closed.

2. Respond to all reviews

Even though having a review strategy is not just about responding to reviews, responding is a crucial part of it.

Whenever someone reviews your business, aim to reply within a business day or two. Thank them for the review and make sure to address any issues they mention. Always personalize the response!

3. Make it effortless to review you

After you have sent out review requests to all customers once, focus on creating a review strategy that allows customers to use any channel of their choice to review you.

Focus on making it as effortless as possible for them to leave a review. Add a review link to your email signature, place a review link to your website, and send it after each customer support conversation.

You can even add a link to your social media channels.

One trick to get more Google reviews is to ask reviewers if they would like to share the review they gave you on their own social media channels. This way, you get free exposure and it might encourage people in their network to review you too if they have bought from you.

Do not leave money on the table, have a review strategy

As everyone is fighting for the same customers, not having a review strategy in place is like leaving money on the table. Or directing your customers to the welcoming arms of your competitor.

Having stellar Google reviews is the easiest way to boost any business’ success nowadays. Tap into this before it is too late!

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