Steve Pool Cause of Death and Obituary: What Really Happened to Komo 4 Legend Steve Pool? How Did Steve Pool Die?

by Moore Martin

Steve Pool Cause of Death and Obituary

In the world of broadcasting, few names shine as brightly as Steve Pool’s. His recent passing on November 22, 2023, left the Seattle community mourning the loss of a beloved figure who had spent an illustrious 40-year career at KOMO 4 News. In this article, we’ll explore the cause of Steve Pool’s death and remember the remarkable life and career of this iconic weather presenter and journalist.

Steve Pool’s Battle with Early-Onset Alzheimer’s Disease

The news of Steve Pool’s passing was met with deep sadness as it was revealed that he succumbed to complications from early-onset Alzheimer’s disease at the age of 70. It was a quiet battle that he had been fighting for several years, and his family shared this heartbreaking information with the world.

A Legacy of Excellence in Journalism

Steve Pool’s career was marked by dedication and excellence in journalism. He retired in 2019, leaving behind a legacy that will forever be etched in the history of Seattle’s broadcasting. During his time at KOMO 4 News, he earned numerous accolades, including an impressive collection of eight Emmy Awards.

Who Was Steve Pool?

Steve Pool was not just a weather presenter; he was a respected journalist known for his remarkable tenure at KOMO 4 News in Seattle. Born on November 5, 1953, he began his journey by interning at KOMO-TV, later becoming a writer, reporter, and ultimately, the principal weather anchor for the station. His career spanned over four decades during which he hosted various programs, authored a book on weather forecasting, and became a familiar face to many through his engaging presence on television.

Name Steve Pool
Birthdate November 5, 1953
Death Date November 22, 2023
Age at Death 70
Birthplace Seattle, Washington, U.S.
Education University of Washington (BA, Communications & Speech)
Career Span 1977–2019 (42 years in broadcasting)
Family Wife – Michelle; Daughters – Lindsey and Marissa
Retirement Retired in 2019 due to health reasons
Cause of Death Complications from early-onset Alzheimer’s disease

A Commitment to Journalism

Throughout his life and career, Steve Pool remained deeply committed to journalism, weather reporting, and engaging with the community. His dedication and passion for his work left an indelible mark on the hearts of those he touched.

Steve Pool’s Family: A Pillar of Support

Steve Pool’s life revolved around his beloved family. He shared a meaningful life with his wife, Michelle, embodying unwavering devotion as a husband and showcasing immense love as a father to his two daughters, Lindsey and Marissa. Their constant presence exemplified the enduring strength of their bond, radiating profound love that served as a beacon of comfort and motivation through every hurdle faced. The Pool family’s unity and resilience painted a poignant picture of solidarity and love, underscoring the immense significance they held in Steve Pool’s life.

The End of an Era

Steve Pool’s retirement in 2019 marked the conclusion of a distinguished career that spanned 40 years at KOMO 4 News. He left an indelible mark on the Seattle broadcasting community, becoming a legendary figure synonymous with the station.

The Cause of Steve Pool’s Passing

Steve Pool passed away at the age of 70 due to complications arising from early-onset Alzheimer’s disease. He had fought the illness privately for years before his passing.

Steve Pool Cause of Death and Obituary – FAQs

  1. Was Steve Pool primarily known for weather reporting?
    Yes, Steve Pool was renowned as a weather presenter at KOMO 4 News in Seattle for many years.
  2. How long did Steve Pool work at KOMO 4 News?
    He dedicated four decades of his career to KOMO 4 News, retiring in 2019.
  3. Did Steve Pool receive any awards during his career?
    Yes, he was honored with eight Emmy Awards and other prestigious recognitions.
  4. What did Steve Pool contribute beyond television broadcasting?
    He authored a book on weather forecasting and engaged with the community through various programs and initiatives.
  5. How did Steve Pool’s family support him during his illness?
    His wife, Michelle, and their two daughters, Lindsey and Marissa, stood by him during his courageous battle against Alzheimer’s disease.

In conclusion, Steve Pool’s passing marks the end of an era in Seattle broadcasting. He will be remembered not only for his outstanding career but also for his resilience in the face of a challenging illness. His family’s unwavering support and his dedication to journalism serve as a testament to the remarkable person he was.

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