SU-30746-0 Frozen How to fix the SU-30746-0 Frozen error?

by Glenn Maxwell

Do you realize in regards to the error occurring with Play Station? Well, you might find out about it adding towards the methods that it could be easily fixed.

SU-30746- Frozen can be a bug that has happened frequently which is considered an update bug.

US users witness the error typically. Begin to see the content and uncover the easiest method to fix the bug to keep playing.

What’s what is the news?

We could realize that the bug is observed in Play Station mainly on PS4 console as well as the bug pertains to the firmware update.

The error is generated when the system cannot uncover the console update. SU-30746- Freezing may end up in the firmware being older than the version it’s presently upgrading to.

There are many troubleshooting techniques that users could use to repair. May include updating in safe mode. Other methods include restarting in safe mode or restoring your settings in safe mode. Initializing the console to safe mode can also be a great benefit in this particular situation.

The easiest method to resolve the problem is discussed, users need to do as instructed as well as the error will probably be resolved quickly.

The best way to fix the SU-30746- Frozen error?

• Step one is always to shut lower Play Station by users.

• When the device lights are off, users need to hold lower the power button this should actually be held for approximately 7 seconds before you decide to hear a beep.

• This can help your device boot into Safe Mode.

• After transporting this out, users can connect DS4 controller via USB cable. Pressing the PS button allows you to turn it on.

• An update option can look on the watch’s screen. Users must select Update System Software here. But you will need a working net connection to achieve this task.

Opinions of people about SU-30746- Frozen:

We percieve the folks from the united states . States face this problem frequently. In addition, by browsing the net, we uncover that users encounter this problem after taking a break every four several days. Furthermore compared to that, you may even realize that the system is not restarting.

However, many reviews even explain that by directly bypassing the controller, the bug might be resolved. In addition, users continue to think about losing progress due to updates. But while using update in safe mode, they could easily update and restore the default settings.


You have often seen a few players employing a PS4 oral appliance found the error SU-30746- Frozen to occur frequently. Reviews on reddit mention that it could be solved, and then we advise users to familiarize themselves while using methods and continue to fix the error.

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