Sue Radford Health Update: What Really Happened to Sue Radford?

by Moore Martin

Sue Radford Health Update

Sue Radford, the remarkable mother of 22 children, recently faced a challenging health ordeal that left many of her fans concerned. In this article, we’ll delve into the latest updates on Sue Radford’s health, her inspiring journey, and how she continues to spread happiness despite her health challenges.


Sue Radford, born Suzanne Catherine Radford on March 22, 1975, is a name synonymous with a remarkable family journey. With her husband Noel Radford, she has become the matriarch of a massive family comprising 22 children, 9 grandchildren, and 4 step-grandchildren. Their story has captured the hearts of many, and Sue’s role in managing and nurturing this extensive household has made her a well-known figure.

Sue Radford’s Health Update

Recently, Sue Radford shared a candid update about her health. She faced a mysterious illness that not only made her sick but also led to an unexpected injury. Due to severe coughing fits, Sue actually cracked a rib. In a post on Instagram, she mentioned that although her rib still hurts, she’s feeling better overall. A glimmer of relief came when she revealed that, for the first time in a month, she didn’t have to endure prolonged coughing at night.

Despite the health setbacks, Sue Radford’s determination shines through. She’s been busy preparing for Christmas with her extensive family. She went all out, showering her children with over £400 worth of advent calendars and treating them to a special Christmas breakfast. Her commitment to making the holiday season memorable for her family reflects her incredible strength.

Who is Sue Radford?

Sue Radford, whose full name is Suzanne Catherine Radford, is the central figure in the Radford Family. She shares her life journey with her husband Noel Radford, and together, they’ve nurtured an exceptionally large and close-knit family. Sue’s role in managing her vast household has earned her recognition, and her story continues to inspire many.

Name Suzanne Catherine Baines
Born March 22, 1975
Age 48 Years Old
Residence Morecambe, Lancashire, England
Spouse(s) Noel Radford (September 26, 1992 – present)

Is Sue Radford Pregnant?

No, Sue Radford is not expecting her 23rd child. Speculation about her being pregnant arose after she teased a surprise for her husband Noel. However, Sue clarified the situation on social media, dispelling the pregnancy rumors with humor. She reassured her followers that the surprise she has in store is unrelated to a new pregnancy, joking that having another child might give both her and Noel a “heart attack.” Her sense of humor and engagement with her followers are endearing qualities that define her online presence.

Sue Radford’s Age

Sue Radford was born on March 22, 1975, making her 48 years old as of the latest update. Despite the demands of managing a large family, Sue remains actively involved in sharing her life experiences with her audience. Her journey through life, starting from a young age, continues to captivate those who follow her story.

The Radford Family

The Radford family hails from Britain and gained fame through their appearances on TV shows like “15 Kids and Counting” in 2012 and the more recent “22 Kids and Counting” in 2023 on Channel 5. The family’s unique story revolves around Noel and Sue Radford, both of whom were adopted as babies and met each other during their childhood. Their family journey began when Sue gave birth to their first child, Christopher, at the age of 14, with Noel being 18 at the time. They tied the knot at a young age, with Sue at 17 and Noel at 21.

Over the years, their family has expanded significantly, and they currently have a remarkable total of 22 children. They reside in a place that was once a care home in Morecambe, and they also run a bakery named Radford’s Pie Company, acquired in 1999. The Radford Family’s story offers a unique glimpse into their lives, the challenges they face, and the joyful moments they share as their large family continues to grow.

What Happened to Sue Radford?

Sue Radford’s recent health challenges were not to be taken lightly. Her battle with an unknown illness led to severe coughing fits, resulting in a cracked rib. However, her determination and resilience shine through. In a more recent Instagram post, Sue mentioned that her rib still causes discomfort, but she’s experiencing fewer nocturnal coughing episodes. Her dedication to ensuring a joyful Christmas for her extensive family is a testament to her unwavering strength.


Sue Radford’s health update serves as a reminder of her remarkable journey as a mother to 22 children. Despite facing health challenges, she continues to spread happiness and create cherished memories for her family. Her story is a testament to the power of determination and love in the face of adversity.

Sue Radford Health Update – FAQs

1. What is the latest Sue Radford Health Update? Sue Radford recently shared that she was sick with a mysterious illness, and she even hurt her rib from coughing a lot. Despite the lingering rib pain, she’s feeling better overall, especially at night with reduced coughing.

2. How many children does Sue Radford have? Sue Radford is the mother of 22 children, and she is also a grandmother to 9 grandchildren with 4 step-grandchildren. Together with her husband Noel Radford, they form the central figure of the Radford Family.

3. How is Sue Radford preparing for Christmas amid her health concerns? Despite not feeling well, Sue is determined to make Christmas special for her big family. She has already decorated her house, bought over £400 worth of advent calendars for her kids, and even made a fancy breakfast for the festive season.

4. Why is the Radford Family well-known? The Radford Family has gained attention due to its exceptional size of 22 children. Sue Radford, as the matriarch, is recognized for her role in managing and nurturing this large and close-knit family, leading to their appearances on TV shows like “15 Kids and Counting” and “22 Kids and Counting.”

5. What are some personal details about Sue Radford? Sue Radford, whose full name is Suzanne Catherine Baines, was born on March 22, 1975. She is currently 48 years old and resides in Morecambe, Lancashire, England. Sue has been married to Noel Radford since September 26, 1992.

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