Support Your Lower Back and Coccyx With The Everlasting Comfort Seat Cushion!

by Glenn Maxwell

Have you ever experienced pain or discomfort in your lower back after sitting for long periods of time? For most people who work from an office chair, this is a shared experience as it seems inevitable. The truth is it’s easy to spend hours of your week sedentary in a seated position.

One of the causes behind this kind of discomfort and pain could be a lack of good posture. The area of your back that comes under the most influence of bad posture, is the lower back. There are a lot of reasons why a person might experience discomfort, tension, or pain in their lower back such as injury, or trauma. While this is true for some, the truth is that the most common reason for this kind of discomfort is not practicing good posture.

The hard part about good posture is that it’s an active practice, and it’s not something that can be done passively. You have to utilize your core and back muscles in order to align yourself correctly so that you aren’t comprising your spinal cord. This can make you feel tired and can drain your energy over time, which is why slipping into a bad posture is so tempting.

The good news is that there are simple, effective tools that can help support you to maintain lower back posture. One of those tools is the Everlasting Comfort seat cushion. This cushion is specifically designed to help support your body’s natural ability to evenly distribute your weight when sitting and helps to encourage proper posture.

This is everything you need to know about the Everlasting Comfort seat cushion, and why it can help support your lower back.

How Important is Lower Back Support?

The spine is composed of four major areas known as the cervical, thoracic, lumbar, and sacral spinal segments. Among many crucial roles the spine plays, each part of the spine plays a role in helping the body to hold its weight and distribute it evenly so that you can do normal functions like walk and balancing.

The lower back is composed of the lumbar and sacral areas. These areas, in particular, are specifically responsible for allowing you to be able to enjoy mobility and most activity without pain. When this part of the spine is compromised or damaged, it can cause a lot of pain in normal activities like movement or even sedentary activities like sitting.

The natural curvature of the spine moves inward toward the stomach, and this is very specific to how the weight of your upper body is distributed over your lower body. When you sit down, proper posture is to keep this curve in your spine as it causes proper alignment of your upper body over your pelvis. What would be known as bad posture, would be to sit in a way that negates or minimizes this natural curvature of the lower back. This can look like hunching your shoulders too far forward or flattening your lower spine against the back of the chair.

The reason you feel inclined to do this is that holding this kind of posture can be taxing. While sitting upright, in order to maintain proper curvature of the lower back, it takes activation of core and back muscles that can get tired. The unfortunate part about not holding proper posture is that over time this can cause some discomfort, pain, and even damage to your lower back.

Common effects of lack of good posture in the lower back are back, hip, and leg pain. This happens because the weight that is not evenly distributed over time builds tension in these areas.

Orthopedic Recommoned Design

The Everlasting Comfort seat cushion has an orthopedic doctor, recommended design that will help to support your lower back and coccyx. This unique, u-shaped seat cushion not only can fit in almost any chair, making it perfect for the office or working from home but is incredibly comfortable.

Memory Foam Comfort and Support

Built with 100%, high-quality memory foam the Everlasting Comfort seat cushion has the ability to morph to your body’s specific needs. Because it’s heat-responsive, it can mold to your body’s specific pressure points and help support your body where it needs it most. Not only that but with an easy-to-remove coverslip, it’s easier than ever to keep your Everlasting Comfort seat cushion clean.


When it comes to protecting your lower back, investing in a seat cushion that’s designed to help support and improve your posture is key. Not only will this help to relieve immediate issues like hip, leg, and back pain, but it will help you maintain good back health for your future. A high-quality, expert-designed, seat cushion will help give you the comfort you want and the back support you need.

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