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Today the product which I am going to review is SwipeStox. You may or may not have heard about this. But, don’t worry! I have got you the detailed review of this product by Naga Trader the Former SwipeStox. Let’s jump in.

NagaTrader which used to known as SwipeStox is among the leading Social Trading networks. The company was initially known to be SwipeStox, which was an application for Smartphones. After some time, the company thought of expanding and re-branding, and this where SwipeStox became Naga Trader. At this point of time Naga Trader is offering services in different fields such as:

  • Retail Trading
  • Social Networking
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Copy Trading
  • Social Trading

More information about Naga Trader

  • Its Investment services NAGA, GYBO and NAGA Portfolios.
  • NAGA group has its own crypto coin – Naga Coin (NGC).
  • Naga is using it as a base currency and gives various economic advantages and even lower commissions.
  • Other instruments that Naga own are ETFs, commodities, futures, indices, CFDs on stocks, cryptocurrency, gaming items.
  • Naga Trader lets you buy or sell currencies, indices, cryptocurrencies, commodities, ETF, stocks, futures indices, and even game virtual objects.
  • If you select Naga Trader, you can invest with CYBO, which is a Robo Advisor managed by an Artificial Intelligence system.
  • CYBO can make investments in your place as per your convenience. CYBO analyzes the market conditions and is able to exploit the intelligence of the crowd network.

You can trade on the following things with Naga Trader:

  • Metals and Commodities
  • In-game virtual objects
  • Indices
  • DE, NL, UK, ES, FR, USA, CHF Stocks
  • ETS
  • Forex Currencies
  • Commodity Futures
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Future Index

Advantages of Naga Trader

  • Ease of usage on application and web platforms
  • CYBO technology and Portfolio
  • User-friendly Interface
  • Large and active community
  • Separate demo and real users
  • Bonuses with NGC base currency
  • Many trading instruments
  • Unique social trading service

What is SwipeStox? 

SwipeStox is a Social Trading mobile application which was launched in the year 2016. It is known to be an innovative social trading network which can be used by beginners and expert traders. The aim of the SwipeStox is to provide investors a platform that is flexible and allows them to get advantage from new insights into trading so that they can get benefit from the collective wisdom of their ‘community’.

Here are some of the benefits of SwipeStox

1. Simple, Safe & Social

The website is simple, safe and social which allows you to enjoy financial trading, either as a beginner or an experienced lead trader. It is a handy social trading app that comes with swipe right or left feature. Here in this application you are even allowed to see through the transactions of experienced traders and based on that you can decide whether to copy them or not. Moreover, this is a completely free-to-use platform, where leaders can earn a bonus every time their trade is copied. This is what is making the trading game even more lucrative.

2. Social trading application

As I already mentioned above, SwipeStox is a trading platform. There are a whole host of unique advantages, including the ability to copy a single trade, as opposite to the portfolio of another user. With this kind of option, traders gain the possibility to be really choosy about the trades which they make. While being inspired by other traders’ expertise, user can compile a truly custom portfolio of their own. Apart from this, you will be shown risk statistics and adjust individual risk settings before copying any trade to ensure it is totally comfortable and if the financial risk will be safely capped within their chosen limits.

With SwipeStox you can to trade Indices, Forex, and CFDs simply by copying other trades. In this application, everyone can swipe through the trades which have been made by other experienced traders and gain profit from their knowledge about the markets. This application allows you to swipe through the signals and copy them. This is how you can easily assemble their own minimum risk strategy by in advance taking care of defining levels for stop loss and take profit.

It’s indispensable

Speculating on Foreign Exchange markets and investing money in stocks can be a real thrill as it can offer you enormous amount of profit. However, there is risk involved. This is why SwipeStox offers the guidance, training, and security through adjustable limits so as to ensure that traders can make the absolute best of their investments.

Getting trade-ready

SwipeStox includes a comprehensive walk through for users to tell them about the ins and outs of social trading. You can find dozens of video tutorials, blogs and Q&As. Even if you are new to the trading, you can go from completely green to green in the wallet.

SwipeStox Demo-mode

Demonstration is key to make users learn something and SwipeStox do the exact same thing. You will be given a month of lessons on the dry slopes to build your skills. And don’t worry about the initial investment. SwipeStox demo mode allows traders to play with $5000 of virtual cash. You will learn to invest in the exactly the same way, through the same interface.

Safety first policy

Now that you are all ready, be sure that SwipeStox protects your funds by working with huge international banks. The banks they work with are EU regulated, and user’s data is protected securely.

The important aspects

SwipeStox is a hub of brokers and traders working with Forex, Indices, and CFDs. Every individual brokers has to set its own minimum deposit that is typically around $100.

As a user you can either connect their broker accounts or open a new account with the biggest forex brokers across the world. Below mentioned are the SwipeStox brokers list:

  • Australian FP Markets (CFDs, Forex)
  • Admiral Markets working with CFDs, Forex and metals trading.
  • Continental FX working with Forex and CFD trades.
  • FXCM: It offers CFDs, as well as direct market access for Forex traders.

Good decisions

As a user you can make decisions based on the valuable data offered by SwipeStox while you are choosing leaders to copy. You can consider the trader’s profit, past accuracy, and overall ranking on the leadership board.

Here are features of SwipeStox:

  1. Create an account to trade and by setting the user name and profile. You can use virtual cash to trade.
  2. You can add broker account or you can simply login in without any broker account.
  3. Check guide videos to help make your experience quite smooth and easy.
  4. After login you will get options to make your trading experience fun.
  5. Select the offers by other traders and invest the money if you like.
  6. Check your current balance or access different options in menu option.
  7. Also you can go live and start trading.
  8. Check live market rates, leader-board in just one click.
  9. Lastly, you can copy best trade and share it. 

The last word

The review cannot be finished without telling you if it is good for you or not. SwipeStox is more entertaining way to look at social trading today, undoubtedly. With a range of trades which are flowing in, users can also access a leaderboard for all time, for the month, week or even on a daily basis. Using SwipeStox is simple and gives you a unique experience and features to create a reassuring safety net for any new or experienced trader. The demo mode that they are providing can boost up your confidence to buckle up their ski boots and enjoy the breeze.

Why choose SwipeStox?

  • User friendly interface
  • Unique concept
  • Highly secured
  • Free to download
  • Good customer support service
  • Multi lingual support

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