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What Is Mucus? Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, Treatment, and Prevention

Mucus - less elegantly known as snot - may be annoying when you're sick, or when it feels like you have too much of it, but your body needs it to stay healthy. Really, mucus is a sticky, gelatinous content that queues your lungs, nose, throat and mouth and sinuses. It's produced by membranes within the sinuses and nose, with its most important work should be to snareviruses and bacteria, and allergens like particles or pollen with your nostrils which will help prevent them from scattering by your physical structure and allowing you to sick. At some point, the mucus, additionally, the ingredients it offers caught, will head to the stomach area and complete outside the shape. (1) Mucus is generated by this enzymatic strategy, the cervix, together with the urinary pathway. But we’ll ...