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The Year Of The Dragon: 10 Personality Traits

Chinese People think the gods and goddesses have fortunate the dragon. In events of previous, he could soar to your top peaks, or dive to the foot of the deepest water. He is a symbol of electrical power and superior lot of money that orders dignity. So, too, do those people born in a Year of the Dragon: 1976, 1988, 1928, 1940, 1964 and 1952 and 2000. Or someone you are acquainted with is a Dragon, rest easy if you. Throughout this year, women and men given birth to in the Year of the Dragon will experience an extremely uneventful, regular 12 month period. Calendar year Belonging To The Dragon Persons Everything the Dragon does is on a grand scale, as a rule. They feel large is more effective. When they could manage luxuries, a sizable home is firstly in their goal for be...