Take Mingle Mask for a Workout

by James Martin

 Take Mingle Mask for a Workout


With the recent global spike in COVID-19 cases due to the Delta variant, the requirement to wear a mask in gyms and fitness centers is back in the spotlight. Many facilities require mask-wearing to help protect the spread to other people. For example, in the health club industry, Planet Fitness and Lifetime Fitness mandate wearing masks in all their club locations.


Masks and fitness don’t naturally go together. Masks may hamper the ability to breathe comfortably, especially when performing vigorous-intensity exercises. Sweat can make the mask become wet, which not just promotes the growth of microorganisms but irritates the skin.


So how can you motivate the fitness lover in your life not to think twice when wearing a mask at the gym? There’s an alternative.


Mingle Mask is the world’s first invisible face mask that features an innovative chin guard that comfortably rests against the face, keeping the face cooler.


The one-size-fits-all face mask is the ideal transitional mask for gym-goers who still want protection but don’t require a medical-grade mask. The new eco-friendly mask also allows staff, trainers and clients to show their smiles, facial expressions and emotions throughout the day.


Mingle Mask also offers a transparent plastic barrier that stops the wearer from spreading droplets to other guests. The mask covers the face and nose, making it easy to breathe and talk without sacrificing safety.


Each mask is lightweight, includes comfortable ear hook holders designed for long-term wear and is easy to clean and sanitize in-between uses. The highly breathable masks use Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved reusable and recyclable materials.


Mingle Mask is also perfect for fitness buffs who want to reduce health concerns such as exposure to pollution, flu and new COVID variants. After all, the cold season is around the corner.


The new masks also solve the problem for clubs that are not ready to eliminate the mask mandate for fear of exposing their workforces, such as customer service representatives, instructors, trainers, sales teams and maintenance staff.


Mingle Mask is available in a 10-pack for an SRP of $14.99, 25-pack for an SRP of $33.99 or 50-pack for an SRP of $54.99 at https://theminglemask.com. There is also a limited-edition six-pack with colored adjustable strings for an SRP of $12.99. To meet the needs of fitness retailers, health clubs, recreation centers and gyms throughout North America, Mingle Mask offers a bulk purchase program through their sales team at sales@theminglemask.com.



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