Tamara Kalinic Robbed What items were taken from the house?

by Glenn Maxwell

Are you aware that Glam and Glitter, the YouTube fashion blogger who’s well-noted for her Glam and Glitter funnel, was conned? Her fans were interested to understand more about the incident after studying the most recent headline Worldwide.

Here’s today’s article concerning the robbery that required devote Tamara Kalinic’s Parsian home.

Keep in touch if you wish to find out more about the raid around the house by robbers and just how Tamara Kalinic Conned the problem.

A couple of words about Tamara Kalinic

Tamara Kalinic, a way blogger, makes YouTube videos to advertise the style industry. Sunday Occasions named her among the 100 most influential people.

Tamara began her career like a pharmacist making very couple of fashion blogs. Having seen her videos get a large number of views, Tamara made the decision to alter her career and be a way blogger.

She’s presently being employed as a Serbian influencer and remained at Parsian in which the robbers assaulted her. Let’s talk at length concerning the incident.

Tamara Kalinic conned?

The burglars quietly joined Tamara’s house through Tamara’s courtyard widow on This summer 4, 2021. The incident happened at night, when Tamara wasn’t in your own home.

She recognized what had happened when she came back home at night time. Her social networking supporters were there.

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What products were obtained from the home?

Based on the police analysis, 300,000 euros are missing from her home. The Tamara Kalinic Robbedincident continues to be investigated and contains been determined the following products are missing from her home.

Three luxury watches in the brand Patek Philippe and Rolex

These handbags come from the very best brands.


Many of these products count 300,000 euros. Tamara has lost her most prized and trendy products because of the incident. She was shocked through the robbery at her house.

Officials in the district level were notified and also the analysis opened up.

How did Tamara express her feelings following the incident?

Tamara Kalinic Conned has damaged her heart. On Tuesday, she shared an Instagram story by which she expressed her feelings concerning the robbery at her home. Here are the facts.

Although she can’t describe the incident in words, it’s obvious that she’s well and pleased to be based on her family and buddies.

Tamara’s lack of everything she labored so difficult for in the last 120 month may be the worst. Tamara pointed out that they doesn’t usually discuss the difficult occasions. However, it had been the very first time she was really a victim to this type of major crime.

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Tamara Kalinic Conned is responsible for her massive losses but she’s still dealing with the problem using the support and passion for her fans.

What were your ideas about Tamara’s robbery? We would like to hear your ideas.

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